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BLYTH ACADEMY IS A PRIVATE SCHOOL CURRENTLY WITH FOURTEEN CAMPUSES ACROSS ONTARIO. EACH SCHOOL IS DESIGNED TO BE A BOUTIQUE OF 50–150 STUDENTS, HAS AN AVERAGE CLASS SIZE OF SEVEN, AND OFFERS A COMPREHENSIVE FULL-TIME PROGRAM, AS WELL AS PART-TIME, PRIVATE, SEMI-PRIVATE AND SUMMER SCHOOL CLASSES. Blyth Academy’s primary focus is on enhancing academic achievement to prepare all students for university and beyond. As testament to Blyth Academy’s unique teaching methods and strategies, 98% of our students go on to post-secondary education, with 95% receiving their first-choice of school. 40% of students received either partial or full scholarship to post-secondary education.

Here at Blyth, we tailor the curriculum to the individual student, not the other way around. By taking into account each student’s learning style and extra-curricular responsibilities, we are able to customize a plan unique to the individual.
Through Blyth Academy’s ability to customize learning to the individual, we are a popular educational solution for elite student athletes. Our student body in 2013 includes competitive freestyle skiers, ballet dancers, figure skaters, equestrians, hockey players, and other elite student athletes. To find out more about how Blyth Academy may be right for your elite student athlete, click here.

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