Convert Aeroplan® Miles to help fund your Blyth Academy Education!

Blyth Academy is proud to announce that it has become the very first grade level school to become a participating institution at HigherEdPoints; a program that allows you to use your Aeroplan® Miles to help fund your Blyth fees! Through, Aeroplan® Miles can be redeemed for HigherEd credits that can be used to offset Blyth Academy, Blyth International Summers and Community Service, Blyth Academy Online, and even Blyth Academy Global High School fees. Anyone can donate their points for individual students, or simply donate their points to Blyth to be used for students in need.

To find out more, or start redeeming points today, visit Join up and simply select the program you wish to redeem points towards and the student you wish to fund, and HigherEdPoints will take care of the rest.

Visit for full details.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HigherEdPoints

What is

HigherEdPoints is an internet company that allows parents, family, friends, and even strangers to swap their Aeroplan miles for cash credits towards a Blyth student’s tuition, fees, optional excursions, taxes, or indeed anything owing on the student’s account.

How does it work?

The person wishing to exchange their points must register at They will then be directed to an Aeroplan page where they can swap their points for cash credits. HigherEdPoints then forwards the cash credits to us here at Blyth, and the credit is applied to the student’s account.

What is the Blyth Account Number?


Can anyone cash in Aeroplan points for cash credits?

Yes! That’s the beauty of the way HigherEdPoints was set up—students can ask anyone for help with additional funding for their school. In the case of payments for school, all that is needed is the student name and date of birth. Because there’s no sensitive information being shared, any ‘nice person’ can make a transfer on behalf of the student at any time. 

What programs at Blyth are these cash credits applicable for?

Any Blyth program is eligible to receive a credit. Even taxes, fees, and surcharges. If we bill for it, points can be swapped to pay for it.

What is the Aeroplan points exchange rate?

For every 35,000 miles cashed in, the student’s account will be credited $250.

That’s not a very good exchange rate. Does Blyth make money on the exchange rate or receive miles in return for using this program?

Absolutely not. Blyth only receives the credit of $250 per 35,000 miles cashed in, a rate that has been negotiated between Aeroplan and Blyth does not make money off of the program, at all. It is strictly for our customers convenience and to improve access to Blyth programs.

What is the student number? How do I find the student number? 

HigherEdPoints requires the use of a student number, but because Blyth doesn’t use student numbers, we ask that the customer uses 0000 instead. Technically, any number can be used, as it is for internal process only and we do not have an internal process that uses student numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot prompt the customer to enter 000 on the HigherEdPoints site.

Can points be used for the full program balance?


Does the student need to be registered with Blyth in order for someone to cash in points and receive a credit?

No. We can hold the credit until the student registers.

In cases where someone has made a transfer from Higher Ed Points into a school account, and the student doesn’t end up enrolling, are we allowed to give a refund to the student?

This is an interesting question, because we want to avoid a ‘money-laundering’ situation, where a student gets a whole bunch of people to redeem their miles for him/her and then they go get the cash in the format of a refund! We also don’t want to create an administrative nightmare for Blyth with all sorts of rigid requirements. Where Higher Ed Points netted out on this question, after having many discussions with schools (each one with a different refund policy–some had automatic refunds, some had manual refunds, some had very stringent policies…) is to allow the school to treat the Higher Ed Points payment as they would any other payment—therefore if a student would normally get a refund on a credit balance, Blyth could process it. We ask the schools to watch out for abuse (multiple redemptions, followed by requests for refunds) and we ask that they cooperate with us if we notice unusual activity on the redemption side on our end. Our Terms and Conditions enable us to discontinue service to those who abuse the system. The likelihood of someone having thousands and thousands of dollars they ‘launder’ is low and the ability to audit the situation is easy.

What if the student was participating in the program and received a cash credit, then backs out of the program and asks for a refund, do they receive cash?

Only if they meet our terms and conditions and are eligible to receive a refund. However, any Aeroplan redemption is non-refundable, as per their terms and conditions.

How long does it take for a credit to show up on my account?

It can be as short as 72 hours, or up to a week, depending on when the student or parent redeems for their Higher Ed Points reward at Aeroplan, and how long Blyth takes to process the payment once the information arrives at our end. To illustrate the shortest timeframe, a parent can go to the Aeroplan reward catalogue and redeem for a $250 Higher Ed Points reward at 11:00 a.m. on a Monday. The file will be sent to Higher Ed Points and be uploaded and ready for validation by 11:00 am the following day (Tuesday). On Tuesday after 11:00, the parent comes to Higher Ed Points, validates their confirmation code and enters the student’s information. The payment and accompanying file with the student details is sent to Blyth by 11:00 on the following day (Wednesday). If the crediting process is automatic, the student will see the funds in their account that day. If a manual process is used at the school to credit the student account, it will take longer.

Can multiple people cash in their points for a single student?


Can I donate my points to charity instead?

Yes. We have three options for donating your points. You can donate your points to Bhutan Canada Foundation, to sponsor or support a teacher travelling to Bhutan for the Bhutan Canada Foundation, or to a central pool of points that students in need will be able to access through a Blyth Points Pool. More details to follow. We are the first charity to be included in

But I’ve paid in full already! Can I apply the credit to my account and get cash refunded?

No, I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way. The account to be credited would have to have a balance owing. However, the credits could be held for the student if they wish to make a future purchase.

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