Community Service Programs


Blyth Community Service has specialized in creating transformative volunteer programs for 7 years.  Through pairing volunteer work with rich reflection and learning activities, students are provided with a new understanding of civic engagement locally and internationally.

(1) Sign up for a Community Service Optional Excursion (4+ Hours)

Community Service is an important aspect of every Blyth International Summer Program.  If  you are participating in a Blyth International Summers program, these optional excursions will allow you to engage in locally based environmental or educational initiatives.  Your time with local children, animals, or the natural environment will allow you to get to know the culture that you are living and studying in.

Available to: All students currently  registered for a 2015  Blyth International Summers or Community Service program.

(2) Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica and/or Nicaragua (30+ Hours)

This summer, students are traveling to Nicaragua and Costa Rica where they are volunteering at animal shelters, pre schools, and coffee plantations.  These hands on experiences will allow students to develop leadership skills and learn about the community they have immersed themselves in. Tell your friends that registration is still open! Click here to see all International Community Service Programs.

Available to: All high school students in Grades 10-12.


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