Blyth Academy Waterloo Testimonials

My experience at Blyth Academy Waterloo has allowed to better myself inside and outside the walls of the classroom. I have had incredible experiential learning opportunities such as being a part of DECA and Student Council. My time at Blyth Waterloo has taught me valuable lessons that can be used in real world situations and has overall made me a better person.

Blyth Academy Waterloo Student

Coming to Blyth Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here, I can fully grasp the curriculum because the skilled teachers are able to tailor to each student’s learning ability. There are so many opportunities for me to enrich my learning such as DECA, science fairs, as well as support for Advanced Placement exams. My experience here so far has allowed for my growth to my fullest potential.

Blyth Academy Waterloo Student

Blyth Waterloo offers fantastic opportunities for students that you couldn’t find anywhere else. As a Grade 12 student, my time at Blyth has allowed myself to prepare for my future in university. The wide variety of courses has allowed me to choose what suits me as student. My experience here has expanded my appreciation for education both inside and outside the classroom.

Blyth Academy Waterloo Student

I’m so grateful to you and all the teachers. Blyth was the right choice for Rachel.The reason I decided it try the school was that you were the principal and I’m so happy I did!

Rosie Solylo

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