Hello everyone, 

This past week in Firenze has been so wonderful.  From buying apple cider at the Christmas Market in front of the Basilica di Santa Croce, to visiting THE statue of David himself at Galleria Accademia, we have seen a lot.  This city has effortlessly become home, with the ability to walk everywhere, the safe streets, and our new favourite cafes at which the students study.  We’ve also taken some pretty incredible (and bucket list location) day trips: we’ve seen the leaning tower in Pisa, walked along the canal in Venice, and sat in Piazza del Campo, where they hold the famous Palio races in Siena!

Florence is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and trees at the moment, and it is putting us all in such great spirits!  It is also making us incredibly nostalgic, and I can confidently say that our students are looking forward to Christmas with all of you back home J

We are nearing the end now, about to reach that finish line.  Students are working very hard to complete their final projects and study for exams.  We will be holding exams on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Teachers and students are doing a great job at efficiently utilizing the day to get in some extra study time – on busses between transfers, at the breakfast table, during room checks at night, etc.  Having teachers with students 24/7 is certainly a plus!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week…our FINAL week!  Before you know it will we be meeting each other at the airport.  6 more sleeps!



Program Manager

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