Queen’s University Signs Blyth Academy Ottawa Graduate

On March 1st 2017, Blyth student Kieran Flannery-Fleck announced his commitment to Queen’s Football. The kicker/punter was named Third Team All-Canadian, AIA High school All Star game MVP and Bel-Air Norsemen Special Teams Player of the Year. Flannery-Fleck went 75 percent on field goals and had high averages on both punt and kickoff.

When asked Flannery-Fleck about his decision to attend Queen’s he said “They hold their academics to such a high regard and that was an important factor in my decision to come here”. He understands the importance of organization and the responsibility that comes with being a student athlete. Those responsibilities include being on top of school work, having time to study, commitment to health i.e. stretching and icing/heating, and being committed to the football team.

While at the signing, Kieran had the chance to meet some of his future teammates and coaches to which he said the whole experience was “overwhelming” Kieran explained that he will bring some excitement to the team and he is very confident in his abilities to make a positive impact on the team and help them win football games. He is also enthusiastic to have another kicker

on the same team because he believes it will bring some friendly competition and depth to special teams.

When being interviewed, Flannery-Fleck expressed his gratitude for everyone who helped him achieve his goals of making it to the next level and to attend his “dream school”. He thanked his teammates, family, friends, teachers, and coaches because he said “they all played a role in helping me get to where I wanted to be”. Working hard off the field is a major priority for Kieran. After the football season ended, Kieran committed all his free time to his off-season training program and his studies, increasing his average by a large percentage which allowed him to get accepted into Queen’s.

After only eleven months, Kieran Flannery-Fleck went from being a small, undersized wide receiver with two catches for twelve yards in a season, to being one of the nation’s most highly recruited kickers with a strong academic presence. Kieran hopes to play his first year at Queen’s and have just as much success off the field in his studies.



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