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Blyth Academy Online is an academically respected private online high school offering more than 100 affordable online courses. Our comprehensive curriculum and engaging content, combined with our empathetic teaching and guidance staff ensure that our student success rate is unsurpassed; 95% of our online students succeed with Blyth Academy Online.

Students can sign up and start anytime throughout the year. Once registered students will have immediate access to their course and textbook. Students can also complete their assignments, access their account, and produce work any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. You set your own work schedule. Blyth Academy sends all grades to OUAC as they are available, so your grades will always be up to date.

By partnering Blyth Academy’s brick-and-mortar campuses and 40-year history of academic excellence with an online high school learning platform and exciting course development, we challenge the current definition of online learning in Ontario.



Blyth Academy Online is giving students the opportunity to get a head start in one of the most powerful new industries in the tech world: Artificial Intelligence. Using the versatile Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum, we teamed up an expert in the field with our most talented computer science teacher to create the first Artificial Intelligence high school credit course in Canada!




  • Blyth Academy offers support at any of our ten schools in Ontario with access to both teachers, guidance and support staff at no extra cost.
  • Our teachers are selected from amongst the very best who teach in our schools and on our popular international summer programs.
  • Exams can be proctored at no cost at these schools saving students significant costs and time.
  • Once registered, students will have immediate access to their course and textbook.
  • Our included e-textbooks are immediately accessible and included in the cost of the course.
  • Blyth Academy is the largest bricks-and-mortar private school in Canada with over 4,000 students. Established in 1977, it is well known and respected by schools and universities alike with over 98% of its graduates entering the college or university of their choice.
  • Full time online students have free access to our university guidance services as well as graduation ceremonies and certain extra curricular events. This is unique amongst e-schools.
  • Students can move back and forth between our online program and our regular schools including our evening, weekend and summer school offerings. If you decide within the first week of the course that you’d prefer to take it ‘In School’ you can apply your payment to the cost of any of our courses.
  • Our fees are very competitive and students who buy our bundles receive an exceptional value