An Online Ontario Private School

Offering over 160 courses

An Online Ontario Private School

Offering Over 160 Courses

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Blyth Academy Online is an academically respected private online high school in Ontario. Our comprehensive curriculum and engaging content, combined with our empathetic teaching and guidance staff ensure that our student success rate is unsurpassed.

Blyth Academy offers support at its campuses across Ontario with access to guidance and support staff. Access is subject to availability and must be arranged in advance with the Blyth Academy Online office. Blyth Academy sends all grades to OUAC as they are available, so your grades will always be up to date.

By partnering Blyth Academy’s brick-and-mortar campuses and 40-year history of academic excellence with an online high school learning platform and exciting course development, we challenge the current definition of online learning in Ontario. When you register with Blyth Academy Online you are joining the largest private school group in Canada which is both recognized and recommended by the best universities in Canada.

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Blyth Academy Online students can access their account and produce work any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Exams can be proctored at any of the 10 Blyth Academy campuses across Ontario saving students significant time and flexibility. Full-time online students have free access to our university guidance services as well as graduation ceremonies and certain extra curricular events. Students are also able to move back and forth between our online program and our bricks-and-mortar schools including our night school and summer school offerings.

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Over 160 Online Courses

Blyth Academy Online courses run on an easy-to-use online learning platform. Each course is structured to be modular, with each lesson/topic/unit stating the approximate time commitment, learning goals, and curriculum expectations. These modules may include readings, assignments, multimedia, and engaging videos that the student completes at their own pace. While students are able to set their own work and assignment schedule, if you have not completed the course one year from registration you will need to request an extension so as not to be withdrawn from the course. Teachers will communicate with their students regarding progress, motivation, encouragement, empathy, care, and guidance.
Blyth Academy Online offers over 100 affordable online courses that count towards an OSSD

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Which Grade 12 Math Course Should You Take?

Which Grade 12 Math Course Should You Take?

Choosing the right high school math courses will set you up to achieve your goals after graduation. The Ontario curriculum requires you to complete three credits in Mathematics to acquire your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. You must complete at least one of these credits in Grade 11 or 12.

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Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

The Ministry of Education in Ontario has set various requirements for students obtaining a Secondary School Diploma. This article will cover the courses students must complete to achieve their diploma in Ontario, including compulsory and optional credits as well as the literacy requirements and community involvement requirements.

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Online Student Drafted to NHL | Blyth Academy Online

Online Student Drafted to NHL | Blyth Academy Online

Blyth Academy Online Student Drafted to the NHL Congratulations to our full-time Blyth Academy Online student, Ryan Suzuki, who was selected 28th overall in the 2019 NHL Draft by the Carolina Hurricanes! We can't wait to see what you will do in this next...

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Though our physical doors remain temporarily closed, the minds of our students stay open. Summer classes are continuing to meet on their regular daily schedules, in virtual classrooms with face-to-face instruction and peer interaction.  The Blyth Academy model of small class sizes, flexible scheduling and individualized approach have enabled us to remain faithful to our standards. Our commitment to ongoing and meaningful communication between school, teachers, students and families has been critical to this effort.

Although our students have transitioned into summer mode and COVID-19 restrictions have begun to loosen, we are looking ahead to what September will hold for our campuses and families.
We want to be clear - our preference and our priority is to get students back to our campuses, but we must ensure this is done in a safe and effective way. While we await official guidance from Public Health and the Ministry of Education, a "return to school" task force has been hard at work putting concrete operational plans in place for all likely scenarios. This includes a full return to campus with safeguards, a blended model of virtual and in-campus learning and the continuation of fully virtual classrooms. All scenarios will provide robust learning and live, daily instruction and interaction with teachers and peers. 
With ten campuses across Ontario, we realize that each one of our schools is a unique space and community. We will be implementing across-the-board policies on hand washing, facility cleaning and social distancing measures. Each school is also prepared to pivot individually based on the guidance of local health authorities and to best serve students and families. 
Our recent survey showed that over 80 per cent of Blyth Academy families are eager to return to campuses, and we are hard at work to prepare for this day. As September's scenario becomes clearer and more information becomes available, we will continue to communicate. 

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