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Blyth Academy Online now offers more than 100 secondary school courses!

Courses Offered


Blyth Academy Online offers over 160 online courses for students to choose from. Our private online courses cover all areas of the curriculum and are developed and taught by Blyth Academy teachers who are trained in the effective delivery of an exemplary online learning experience. Blyth Academy Online courses will have you doing a lot more than just sitting in front of your computer. We help you connect the course material to your environment and life by applying concepts to real-world examples. We understand students learn in different ways so our courses provide options to help you be most successful. Because our online courses are available at any time and from anywhere, you can fit your learning to your life, and not the other way round. Browse through the courses we offer by using the menu on the left.

Courses Offered



Watch the video below to see a sample class and learn more about what Blyth Academy Online is like.

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