Interdisciplinary Studies

Online interdisciplinary studies courses provide students with opportunities to understand the diverse perspectives of and the links among discrete subjects/disciplines and to develop their knowledge and skills beyond the scope of individual disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, and present new findings. Students will integrate general interdisciplinary concepts, skills, models, resources, technologies, and strategies with specific content and approaches from diverse areas of the curriculum, which can be adapted to reflect the context of the specific interdisciplinary studies courses in an independent learning environment. An important emphasis will be placed on developing information literacy, applying comprehensive research skills and knowledge, and synthesizing methodologies and insights from a variety of disciplines to develop critical- and creative-thinking skills

Students will apply the principles and processes of inquiry and research to effectively use a range of print, electronic, and mass media resources; to analyse historical innovations and exemplary research; and to investigate real-life situations and career opportunities in interdisciplinary endeavours. They will also assess their own cognitive and affective strategies, apply general skills in both familiar and new contexts, create innovative products, and communicate new knowledge.


This course will help students combine the skills required for and knowledge of different subjects and disciplines to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning, and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will analyze the connections among diverse subjects and disciplines; develop information literacy skills in analyzing, selecting, evaluating, and communicating information; and become aware of a variety of resources and viewpoints on contemporary issues. They will also examine their own learning styles, relate their inquiries and research to real-life situations, and investigate career opportunities in new disciplines.



This course will provide students with an understanding of how to make connections among diverse subjects and disciplines. Students will leave the course with a deep understanding of research and inquiry as it applies to athletics in the past, present, and future. This course is meant to be highly applicable to the student’s current life as an athlete, and as such, contains assignments and projects that encourage them to apply the information in a personal and relevant context. Students will study athletics in terms of physiology, history, training strategies, and careers.



This course is designed for students who will pursue their athletic goals after secondary school, be it inter-collegiate sports, provincial, national, or international competition. Students will explore topics such as Managing Social Media, Sports Journalism & Strategic Athletic Marketing, Ethics for Elite Athletes, Leadership, Building and Maintaining Financial Security, and Time Management. Students will uncover and apply areas of interest to elite athletes in all of these areas.



IBM logoBlyth Academy Online is proud to be working with IBM’s Big Data University to offer a Grade 12 course in Data Science.

As the amount of information available to us becomes greater and greater, the ability to effectively make use of that data is fast becoming one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Starting with asking the right questions, looking at how to obtain the relevant data, and then how to process it and present a conclusion, this course will give students the data literacy that will provide them with great opportunities in the fastest growing job market in Canada. Students will use data in case studies involving recruitment, social media and e-commerce. They will gain experience with the field’s most commonly used computer language, R, and work with IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench.



Museum Studies was developed in Partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario. The course will explore the history and role of museums, the practice of curating, analysis or works of art, careers in the museum industry, and graphic design. Students will explore real online museums, as well as the world-renowned Art Gallery of Ontario in person. This course is ideal for students with an interest in art and exploring museums.



Blyth Academy Online has created the first high school credit Artificial Intelligence course in Canada, hoping to make this new field more accessible to students in Canada and around the world. In this course, students will look at AI from both a practical and philosophical standpoint. Students will learn some introductory computer programming skills using Python, a commonly used computer programming language, as well as look at the nature of AI and its implications as it moves forward and changes our society. Students will learn how to use industry-level tools to train their own AI and solve real-life problems.

We recommend that students have some background in computer studies, having taken either grade 10 or grade 11 computer studies.

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