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New Course: Data Science

Blyth Academy Online is proud to be working with IBM’s Big Data University to offer a Grade 12 course in Data Science.

As the amount of information available to us becomes greater and greater, the ability to effectively make use of that data is fast becoming one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Starting with asking the right questions, looking at how to obtain the relevant data, and then how to process it and present a conclusion, this course will give students the data literacy that will provide them with great opportunities in the fastest growing job market in Canada.
Students will use data in case studies involving recruitment, social media and e-commerce. They will gain experience with the field’s most commonly used computer language, R, and work with IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench.

The course is offered as an Interdisciplinary course, IDC4U, and can be taken by anyone who has completed a Grade 11 University or College/University level course.