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Blyth Academy Online is offering bundling promotions for our affordable online courses. You can now choose to register for one course, and get the second 50% off or to register for four (4) online courses and receive the 4th course for free! Students must register for both or all four courses at the same time in order to take advantage of this offer.

New Course: Artificial Intelligence

online high school artificial intelligence course

Blyth Academy Online is giving students the opportunity to get a head start in one of the most powerful new industries in the tech world: Artificial Intelligence. Using the versatile Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum, we teamed up an expert in the field with our most talented computer science teacher to create the first Artificial Intelligence high school credit course in Canada!

In this course, students will look at AI from both a practical and philosophical standpoint. Students will learn some introductory computer programming skills using Python, a commonly used computer programming language, as well as look at the nature of AI and its implications as it moves forward and changes our society. Students will learn how to use industry-level tools to train their own AI and solve real-life problems.

We welcome students of all backgrounds to take this brand new course and take their very first steps toward an exciting career in Artificial Intelligence!

New Course: Data Science

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Blyth Academy Online is proud to be working with IBM’s Big Data University to offer a Grade 12 course in Data Science.

As the amount of information available to us becomes greater and greater, the ability to effectively make use of that data is fast becoming one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Starting with asking the right questions, looking at how to obtain the relevant data, and then how to process it and present a conclusion, this course will give students the data literacy that will provide them with great opportunities in the fastest growing job market in Canada.
Students will use data in case studies involving recruitment, social media and e-commerce. They will gain experience with the field’s most commonly used computer language, R, and work with IBM’s Data Scientist Workbench.

The course is offered as an Interdisciplinary course, IDC4U, and can be taken by anyone who has completed a Grade 11 University or College/University level course.