Study Online Full-Time with Blyth Academy Online

With Blyth Academy Online, students can enrol in our full-time program and take a full course load of 8-courses in one year. This program provides students with the flexibility to study and earn credits anywhere and at their own learning pace. With financing options available, families can pay as little as $266/month to study full-time with Blyth Academy Online. Please see our fees page for all online fees.

Blyth Academy Online is inspected by the Education Ministry of Ontario

Why study online full-time with Blyth Academy

  • Access to in-person Guidance Counsellor Services across all 12 campuses, as well as via phone, email, Skype, etc.
  • Customized course timelines to help students meet deadlines
  • Membership of the Blyth Academy community; i.e. go on field trips, attend events, etc.
  • Graduate from Blyth Academy Online and attend a Blyth Academy graduation ceremony
  • Be apart of a community that has over 98% of its graduates entering the college or university of their choice

Never taken an online course?

  • Universities and colleges accept online courses at the same value as in-class courses.
  • Graduating from Blyth Academy Online versus another school makes no difference in terms of university and college applications.
  • Full-time Blyth Academy Online students will have their transcripts updated and processed by our staff, as well as sent to OUAC/OCAS where applicable.
  • Blyth Academy Online will also facilitate community service hours and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) for full-time students.

Students enrolled in the Blyth Academy Online (8-Course/Full- Year Program) must complete all eight (8) courses with 365 days of their date of registration. One or more of these courses may be extended for additional fees if desired, but will otherwise expire after the 365-day deadline.

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