Blyth Academy Burlington

A Private School for Grades 5 – 12

Blyth Academy Burlington

A Private School for Grades 5 – 12

Helping You Achieve Success

About Our Campus

Blyth Academy Burlington is a flourishing private school conveniently located in the historic Village Square in the heart of downtown Burlington. We offer Blyth Academy’s outstanding grades 9–12 program as well as a middle years program and facilities for students in grades 5–8.

We offer a comprehensive full-time program, as well as night school, integrated private and summer school classes. Our campus also offers Advanced Sports Training for athletes in partnership with Conacher Athletics.

We are a school of around 100 students. This allows us to be personally in touch with every individual, yet large enough to offer a broad range of courses, clubs and extra-curricular activities for students to choose from. When combined with first-class care and great teaching, wonderful things happen and our students flourish.

Grades 5 - 12

Average class size of 8

13 Classrooms

4 Smartboards

We are ministry inspected and adhere to all provincial standards. BSID #880898

What Makes Our Campus Unique?

Blyth Academy Burlington offers a specialized elite sports training program through Conacher Athletics designed to develop young athletes in both sports and academics. Small classroom settings, flexible schedules, and exceptional teachers ensure that all students receive the personalized attention and support they need to succeed academically. Professional and certified coaches provide high-level competitive training in fully equipped facilities, which helps to ensure success in athletic endeavours.

Message From Our Principal

My responsibility is to ensure that your child receives a quality education within a safe, respectful and engaging environment. I am a firm believer in a whole school approach and one of our major focuses here at Blyth Academy Burlington is to ensure ongoing communication between school and home. As such, we are able to better enhance your child’s educational experiences.

We encourage you to schedule a school tour to see the classrooms and meet our teachers. Thank you for your interest in Blyth Academy Burlington. We’re proud of our abilities to inspire and engage students and sincerely look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Ian Hughes - Principal, Blyth Academy Burlington


Maria Leonardo - Guidance Counsellor, Blyth Academy Burlington

Guidance Counsellor

Elaine Armstrong - Campus Administrator, Blyth Academy Burlington

Campus Administrator

What our Families are Saying…

“I am so very pleased with what Blyth Academy has done being a part of my son’s preparation for University and life. This past weekend was Thanksgiving and my son came home from university. I have always appreciated the role Blyth played in my son’s life but it was so awesome to hear what he was saying about the school and how he was prepared and is doing well. His statement to me was that he missed his school but that the new challenges ahead do not seem so daunting because of what he learned and received from his Blyth experience.”

Robert Radford


“The 10-week semesters focused on two courses instead of four were an immense help for our daughter. The classes were more intense, and without the need to spread time between so many subjects and the deadlines accordingly helped her progress. Our daughter is now willing to take responsibility for herself, her choices, her actions, and the path towards her future. We are thankful for the time that was invested in our daughter over the past two years of transition for her.”

Michael & Sheri


“Grade 12 at Blyth Academy was the best year of Dakota’s educational career. Your school made Dakota’s final year of high school not only a happy and joyful learning experience, but her confidence and belief in her own potential were greatly enhanced. I cannot thank you enough for developing and running such an important school.”



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