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Elementary student working in dedicated elementary spaceWelcome to Blyth Academy Burlington, and thank you for considering our school for this critical phase of your child’s education and young life. Blyth Academy is Canada’s leading private school by enrolment. With an average class size of eight, every seat is at the “front” of the room.

Our Burlington campus location is designed to support elementary and middle school students with our dedicated elementary space, separate from our high school students.

Your child will be given the opportunity to learn, play and grow alongside like minds and charismatic teachers. The atmosphere is experiential and participatory, and students will eventually feel as accountable to themselves and to one another as they are to their teachers.

Situated in the quaint and quiet Village Square in downtown Burlington, the sense of community at our campus is palpable. Our small class sizes enable us to make each students’ experience more personalized than could ever be possible in a traditional classroom setting with 20 or more students.

At Blyth Academy Burlington we work to reach all students, igniting interests, building skills, and creating the strongest base possible for them to flourish in high school and beyond.


Elementary students listening to teacherInside our cheerful and inclusive classrooms all students — not just the extroverted — are heard and engaged.

We are able to personalize your child’s education based on his or her individual learning styles, interests, and academic levels. This allows each of our students to work at a pace that is comfortable enough to build confidence, but also one that ensures they are appropriately challenged in their learning.

In our classrooms, our teachers do not teach to the ‘median’; the highest achievers are pushed, and those with specific academic needs are accommodated and strengthened.

Our quiet location allows students to really focus in class and makes for a peaceful place to study and learn.

All teachers at Blyth Academy are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and many of them have post-graduate degrees — but that is just the beginning.

Our criterion for selecting teachers goes beyond academic qualifications. We also select our teachers for their empathy, enthusiasm, and dedication to their students’ success. Our teachers love what they teach and are passionate about connecting with young people — anything less simply won’t fit.


Parents, you also play a vital role in your child’s education. We hold ourselves to the highest standard (quality and frequency) of communication between home and school, involving parents as part of the educational team supporting their child. Information will flow freely between us in partnership; happy updates as well as needed reminders!


Elementary student doing mathBlyth Academy Burlington follows the curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. From this strong academic base, we integrate student interests, experiential hands-on learning activities within and beyond our walls, and an empathetic approach to teaching and learning. We have also developed a strategy for incorporating literacy and numeracy across the curriculum in an effort to support the provincial mandate to improve student achievement in these essential skills.

Our program is coherent and integrated, allowing for learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy throughout the school day, no matter which subject class students are in.

We incorporate research and evidence-based inquiry and decision-making approaches in the classroom that will support students’ success in both of these critical areas.

No child ever goes unseen in a classroom at Blyth Academy Burlington and our families can be confident that their child is getting personalized academic support and care. This is our promise and we expect to be held accountable to it.


Elementary student smiling outsideThe well-being of our students — intellectual, physical, and emotional — is at the core of Blyth Academy’s Middle Years Program.

Our enriched curriculum will foster students’ curiosity, get them engaged, and help them identify personal interests. Regular attention to wisdom on nutrition, wellness, and exercise is a key part of this.

Our small class sizes ensure that each one of our students feels heard and valued every day and in every class. This is no usual claim or familiar ambition: it is critical to what we offer and do.

Healthy lunch is always encouraged at Blyth Academy Burlington. Our students are offered discounts at plenty of local restaurants, ranging from Persian, Mexican, Italian to vegetarian, providing them with a wide range of healthy eating options.

We also take it upon ourselves to offer our students concrete models on HOW to study, rather than merely telling them TO study. We teach our students how to organize and be productive with their time; how to manage and prioritize tasks and goals; and how to maintain calm on even the toughest days.

When our Middle Years students progress to high school within Blyth Academy Burlington or beyond, they will do so with a positive and assured sense of self: identified interests, healthy habits, academic rigour, and an emotional awareness substantially founded.


Blyth Academy students have unique opportunities that take them beyond the boundaries of their classrooms and minds.

Our Middle Years Program supports our students in becoming thoughtful citizens (‘earthlings’!) and well-rounded individuals. With integrated travel opportunities as well as regular local enrichment, our students begin at a young age to understand their responsibilities as global citizens. With our school being located in the heart of downtown Burlington, students are encouraged to take advantage of community resources that surround them. From Central Public Library to the Art Gallery of Burlington to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, there are plenty of resources right at the fingertips of our students.

Participation in many community-based initiatives is incorporated into classwork, and students give back in their own community.

We also strive to instil in our students vital life skills that are so important in our daily lives but are not given sufficient due in many schools – from budgeting and money management to making healthy eating choices and maintaining a good mind/body balance.

Our students will build strong tools for life as well as their future academic pursuits.


Elementary students stretching in a group outsideBlyth Academy’s Middle Years Program includes a full and adaptive range of extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities at every grade level.

Our Burlington campus has partnered with Wave Sports Centre and the Ron Edwards YMCA to give our students access to a rich variety of resources to learn, play and thrive.

Membership in the Small Schools Athletic Federation gives us a competitive sports schedule in both team and individual pursuits: cross-country, track, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, skating, swimming, cross-country skiing, triathlon, tennis, golf and more.

Cooking, second language opportunities, music, fitness/wellness, social activism, writing/journalism, film and photography — there is something for every pursuit, and a pursuit for everyone to discover!


“Bye, Dad.”

Jamie took the short flight of steps from the parking lot to the school two-at-a-time.
“Morning, Jamie!” said the Head of Guidance cheerfully. “You must be so excited for your adventure this afternoon.”

Jamie WAS excited. He and his classmates were heading out to learn about lasers and optics and play a game of laser tag at a location nearby. They had been discussing lasers in both their math and science classes, and today were going to get a chance to see them in action.

Jamie joined his classmates and teacher in their classroom, and readied himself for the day ahead. His teacher got the day started with some background and cues for a discussion about a news story, and Jamie and his classmates all contributed ideas and questions.

After getting caught up on current events, the group of friends moved on to a morning of language arts and social studies. Today they were reading short stories written in different parts of the world and looking at the geographic regions in which those stories were written. Soon they would be writing their own short stories, and sharing them with the children at the daycare down the street.

All of a sudden it was recess time, and Jamie and several of his friends grabbed their baseball gloves and headed out to the yard to play; a few hung back to read their novels in the book corner.

French followed recess, and today the Grade 11 French class was coming from the attached high school to teach them about different countries around the world where French was the primary language — en Francais, bien sur.

After a quick lunch in the Student Commons, Jamie and the other middle school students grabbed their backpacks and headed out to catch the bus that would take them to their laser tag adventure where they spent the afternoon doing a hands-on lab, listening to a lecture, and then heading in to the team competition arena for an exhausting set of laser tag challenges.

Upon return, their teacher reviewed what they needed to bring home, and signed off on student agendas. Some of the middle schoolers opted to stay at school for after school robotics or triathlon clubs, while others hurried home to get ready for hockey or music practice. Jamie decided he wanted to finish his laser tag assignment while it was still fresh in his mind, so he stayed with the after-school support teacher to complete his work before calling his mom for a ride home.

He hoped that the evening would pass quickly, because tomorrow his class planned to head to the park for their math lesson and he was already excited. Jamie said goodbye to his teacher and the Campus Administrator on his way towards the door.
“Hey Jamie,” called the Principal as he walked by his office. “I know your brother has a big test in Grade 11 Biology tomorrow — don’t forget to remind him to study!” he said with a wink.

Jamie was only too happy to oblige, knowing his homework was already done for the night and that both the trampoline and TV were all his for the evening ahead.


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