Post-Graduate Program | Blyth Academy Downsview Park

Many recent high-school graduates are not prepared for the rigours of university. Surveys and studies show alarming drop-out and failure rates from Canadian institutions — particularly amongst 17- and 18-year-olds. Many students would benefit from completing their high school education in five years rather than four. Blyth Academy Downsview Park’s Post-Graduate program builds in that extra year to help develop students’ academic and social maturity, giving them a better chance to access and succeed at the best universities.

Our Post-Graduate Program

At Blyth Academy Downsview Park, we believe students can mature socially and stay engaged academically whether by participating in a co-op placement, taking new and additional Grade 12 credits while combining these with one or two of a variety of programs that we offer. Each program will be custom designed to suit the needs of the student from a menu of options.

Volunteer Experience

Blyth Academy Downsview Park has several partnerships throughout our community to enable students the opportunity to do their part in helping the community. Our students can volunteer locally with Volleyball Canada, Human Moves and Special Olympics Ontario. Blyth Academy also offers opportunities for students to volunteer abroad during the summer or over March break.

Co-Operative Placement

Cooperative Education is the fastest growing area of Secondary School Education. Our grade 12 students have had co-op placements at various institutions including FITS Toronto and Human Moves.

Additional Grade 12 Credits

At Blyth Academy Downsview Park, we offer students the opportunity to take additional grade 12 credits. Our grade 12 course selection varies from year-to-year, but we always strive to offer courses that our current student body is interested in.

Online Courses

Online courses are available to all students through Blyth Academy Online. With over 100 high school courses to choose from, this makes taking the courses that interest you all the more possible.

Study Abroad Programs

Students at Blyth Academy Downsview Park can study abroad for a term, a semester, or a year through our travelling programs or at one of our International Campuses. Students can also take summer courses through our International Summers Programs.


From September 2018, we will have four entry points and terms each year: Early September, mid-November, early February and mid-April. The program can be as short as one term, a semester or a full academic year.


Each custom designed program will have differing costs but fees can be as low as $595 CAN for an online course.