We are very pleased with the engaging academic program that our son is receiving at Blyth Academy Downsview Park. The approach fosters creative and innovative thinking as well as a genuine learning experience. The bar is set high for excellence! Coupled with this are many opportunities for student-athletes to engage in sports-specific and fitness training throughout their regular school day, making this an ideal choice! We sincerely thank all the staff for an amazing start up this year! We highly recommend Blyth Academy Downsview Park for anyone who’s looking for an academic and an athletic program catering to the needs of student athletes!!! Furthermore, the administration is top notch! Highly responsive to both students and parents, always communicating and keeping families in the know. At Blyth Downsview, we truly feel part of the family and part of an extraordinary journey of excellence in athletics and education
Aneta and Igor Fishman


Blyth Academy has made tremendous and positive changes to its Downsview Campus. My son William is in his third year at this campus and is eager and excited every single day to go to school. Blyth offers an excellent sports program delivered by experienced and knowledgeable coaches as well as an outstanding academic program. My son particularly enjoys the 4 terms school year. He is able to focus and concentrate on two subjects at a time. As a busy athlete, it allows him to achieve better results at school and his sports discipline. The teachers at Blyth are understanding, very competent and make the success of their students a high priority. They provide an hour of study time at the end of the day where there are always teachers present to help them with any questions they might have. My son William takes full advantage of these tutorial sessions and attends them on a daily basis. At Blyth, my son is enthusiastic about school, he is highly motivated and is driven to become a better student. Moreover, as parents, we always feel welcome in the school community. I am extremely pleased with the highly professional staff and administration.
Martine Cote-Campbell


Blyth Academy Downsview has offered our son the perfect combination of high expectations, engagement and personalized support. The teachers provide a rigorous program with the expectation that students will thrive. The focus on athletics and healthy living engages our son in his school and his learning. Lastly, the care and support the team provides ensures that his needs are met and he can achieve scholastically and athletically at school.
Kevin Bly

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