Grade 9 – 10 Studies

Blyth Academy Etobicoke

A child’s journey at our Etobicoke campus begins in Grades 9 and 10 with our Foundations Program, unique to Blyth Academy. Here, our experienced and empathetic teachers build students’ academic and life skills.

Combining the Ontario Ministry of Education academic curriculum with our Foundations Program syllabus prepares students for the rigorous academic challenges of Grades 11 and 12 while also teaching them the practical skills necessary for success beyond high school.

The program enhances and enriches students’ abilities in a variety of areas including:

Nutrition & wellness
Study habits
Planning & Organization
Time Management
Financial Literacy
Academic writing
Creative & critical thinking
Community involvement
Healthy activing living & mind-body balance
Team work & collaboration

Teachers will also personalize the syllabus of the Foundations Program each year based on the needs and interests of each group of learners.


The academic year at Blyth Academy Etobicoke is divided into four terms of ten and a half weeks each. This restructuring of the traditional academic school year has dramatic benefits for our students. Students will enrol in only two courses per term, as opposed to a more traditional semester or full-year setting of four to eight courses at a time. This structure allows our students to balance their academic workload and pursue interests outside of school much more effectively. Two-hour class blocks, taken five days a week, provide time for in-depth study, experiential learning, and individual attention from teachers on an ongoing basis.

In addition to their two academic courses per term, our Grade 9 and 10 students have Foundations each afternoon. The Foundations Program runs for all four terms of the school year, effectively acting as a home-base for students while also affording them the opportunity to earn a ninth credit each year and providing those valuable life skills.

Blyth Academy is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and adheres to all provincial standards, including the provision of an Ontario Provincial Report Card and official transcripts to post-secondary institutions, following the Ontario curriculum. To read more about the Ontario Curriculum, please select a Grade level below:

Grade 9 | Grade 10


The Foundations Program provides unparalleled opportunities for personal and academic growth within the intermediate division. It provides a unique offering to students in Grades 9 and 10 that challenges traditional curriculum delivery in the intermediate grades, ensuring a course of study that changes with the times and thus remains perpetually interesting and relevant to students each and every year. Foundations graduates are prepared to think independently, analytically, and critically.

Traditional subjects like Math, Science, English and Social Sciences are connected with student interests in order to provide educational experiences which are connected to the daily lives and realities of our students.

Part of the learning experience in the Foundations Program at our Etobicoke campus takes place outside of the classroom. Study and life skills are developed in partnership with various local organizations in an effort to encourage self-exploration and self-empowerment. We believe experiential learning leads to the development of a greater sense of self, peers and the world.

Students who successfully complete the Foundations Program will move into their senior years at Blyth Academy Etobicoke strongly connected to the mission of the school and its three truths:

  1. Care and empathy for students on academic, intellectual and personal levels is essential to success.
  2. Hands-on experiential teaching in small classes engages students and produces the best results.
  3. Blyth Academy schools produce well-rounded, university-ready and life ready students by providing a full extracurricular program as well as community-involvement opportunities in their neighbourhoods and around the world.