Only at Blyth Academy was I welcomed with open arms and accepted for who I was, and in the following years had the most memorable times of my life so far. Blyth not only provided me with the best education but also gave me life-changing experiences and confidence in myself.
Zofia S.


We love Blyth!! It has allowed my son to finally find his place in the education system. I love that the class sizes are very small and the classrooms are more about connecting with one another. The students sit around a meeting style table and work together. This allows for a very intimate learning experience with teachers who are clearly motivated and can actually teach rather than simply manage a large class of 20 plus students. The curriculum is more “hands-on” which is the best way to learn in my mind. But most importantly is the principal, support staff and teachers are more connected to the students and can really engage with the students on a level that is more personal, motivating, respectful and enjoyable. My son has flourished in the Blyth environment. His marks are better, but more importantly, what I have seen return for him is his love of learning. It was starting to fade. Blyth has changed that. I would tell a friend that if you want the best for your child, Blyth can give you that. The school offers many ways to get your high school credits (day school, night school, tutoring, online courses and even opportunities to studying abroad). The possibilities are really geared to what will work best for your child.