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Our staff, faculty, and students have made commitments to improve our local community through volunteerism, fundraising, and taking part in charitable endeavours. This year for example, over 200 Blyth Academy students took part in the Terry Fox Run, raising $10,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.


Blyth Academy Community Service
Our students have many different reasons for enrolling in our International Summer programs. Including a thirst for adventure, many students also have the desire to spark positive change, and the desire for self-discovery and leadership development that may come from participating in a project abroad.

To further engage our students in the world around them, Blyth Academy Community Service was created. This important program takes high school students and accompanies them to locations such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Myanmar (Burma) and Bhutan. There, they conduct community service work in collaboration with locally-based NGOs focused on the areas of education and the environment. We ask our partners how and where we can be useful. This is to ensure that the work that we carry out is relevant and meaningful to the communities in which we are based. In addition to our programs in the summer, we also offer opportunities for students to participate in community service work during the school year over March Break.
The Bhutan Canada Foundation
Sam Blyth, Founder and CEO of Blyth Academy, is deeply committed to supporting civil societies in emerging countries and the development of their educational systems and democratic institutions. In 2008, Sam Blyth visited Bhutan with his wife and two of his children. There he learnt that the Canadian government was not renewing its CIDA support for the nation and Canadian Cooperation Office was closing its doors. Mindful of Canada’s special relationship with Bhutan, particularly its contribution to building its education system, the family decided that it was important to continue Canada’s presence in the country, so they stepped forward to help.

On May 5, 2009 the offices of the Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF) officially opened in Thimphu, Bhutan. The foundation also maintains an office in Toronto, Canada. Both offices work diligently to carry on the tradition of Canadian and Bhutanese cooperation, goodwill and knowledge exchange.

In 2011, Sam Blyth was named Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Bhutan to Canada. This role enables him to further facilitate ongoing understanding and appreciation between the two countries.

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