Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

A Private School for Grades 9 – 12

Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

A Private School for Grades 9 – 12

Helping You Achieve Success

About Our Campus

Blyth Academy Lawrence Park is an affordable private high school that has been wonderfully embraced by its families and neighbours since opening in 2010. Active in and outside of class, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park hosts several signature events including a city-wide Triathlon, a very popular Music, Art and Drama night, and works closely with nearby partners including Anytime Fitness, the Freehand School of Art, The Teddington Retirement Residence, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and more. Students attending this school will quickly feel known and a part of something warm and positive. We are also a quick walk to Eglinton Park and all of its amenities.

Our school has an average class size of eight which allows our educators to spend significant individualized time with each student while delivering a broad range of courses. When combined with first-class care, great teaching and exceptional guidance, wonderful things happen, and our students flourish.

Grades 9 - 12

Average class size of 8

15 Classrooms

Full Member of the Small Schools’ Athletic Federation

Triathlon, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer teams (and more individual sport opportunities)

Travelling/Competing Model UN and DECA teams

Active Student Council, Environmental Club, Cooking Club, Media/Communications

Monthly full-school assemblies and a LOT of school spirit!

We are ministry inspected and adhere to all provincial standards. BSID #669998

Lawrence Park News

What Makes Our Campus Unique?

Our campus student life is very active. We have access to local facilities where experiential learning takes places outside the classroom. Our art classes all take place in a professional Art Studio. We have access to a Fitness Facility across the street for all full-time students. There are also great healthy lunch options just outside our door!

At our campus, students get a personalized experience. Your child will feel known, liked, and ultimately intelligent and worthy. We make school less overwhelming and more engaging without compromising academic integrity. Small classes engender accountability—exactly what is needed for post-secondary education.

Message From Our Principal

At Blyth Academy, we know our students. With an average class size of 8, and youthful, engaging teachers who motivate and inspire, the roles of student and teacher are as collaborative partners in discussion or exploration. It is an entirely different model than one in which the teacher teaches and students are left to find ways to engage. Our young learners are active and acquiring knowledge themselves; very much empowered in understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ over the ‘what’ of education.

Our space is fresh and intimate, and our student body is active in building our own colourful range of club, team, and leadership opportunities. Come and ask the tough questions — our doors are open, we’re proud of what we have built, and prouder still to have a mix of students with varied pursuits and passions who are ‘together’ here and happy.

Luke Coles - Principal, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park


Michelle Pucknell - Guidance Counsellor, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Guidance Counsellor

Leni Pothaar - Campus Administrator, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

Campus Administrator

What our Families are Saying…

“By attending Blyth, our son not only received a great education from teachers who are enthusiastic and committed to each students’ success, but more importantly, he gained greater self-confidence to take with him on the next step of his journey. We are so thankful to find an academic institution that was able to bring out the most that our son has to offer when others were not able or willing. That is the true difference in attending Blyth, you are designed to bring out the best in your students from the amount of care and attention dedicated to each pupil and enable them to carry that forward.”

Gene and Carolyn Palazzo


“Some kids just cannot learn in an environment of 32+ students in each class – x8 subjects – all year — ours was one of these and he was very discouraged. I happened to see a notice of your open house, attended and we signed him up mid-year. It is not just his marks that have changed — his confidence in his ability to learn and his engagement with other students and the teachers have made a difference in his overall attitude toward school. This engagement learning is no longer possible in the public classroom given the numbers, they are assigned worksheets and sent home bored, frustrated and discouraged.”

Jill & Richard Reeves


“It is with a great deal of joy and pride to know that my son will be graduating from Blyth Academy after 4 years of support and guidance both academically and socially. He has the tools to move forward with confidence and the ability to navigate what lies ahead for him thanks to our decision to educate our son at Blyth. It has been a tremendous growing experience for all of us. Thank you to all the enthusiastic and caring teaching and support staff at Blyth. Small class sizes, big hearts!”

Ethan Klieman


Ready to experience the Blyth Academy difference?

Though our physical doors remain temporarily closed, the minds of our students stay open. Full-time, Night School and Summer classes are continuing to meet on their regular daily schedules, in virtual classrooms with face-to-face instruction and peer interaction. We have been heartened by the resilience of our community of students, teachers and families through these challenging times, and the spirit with which our community has pressed forward with coursework, office hours, extracurricular activities, guidance consultations and community initiatives. The Blyth Academy model of small class sizes, flexible scheduling and individualized approach have enabled us to remain faithful to our standards. Our commitment to ongoing and meaningful communication between school, teachers, students and families has been critical to this effort.

Going forward, we are staying agile in our responsiveness to developments with COVID-19, always with the health and safety of our community top of mind. We are conducting ongoing planning to confront scenarios as they develop, with an array of options combining virtual classrooms, distancing measures at the schools, and scheduling modifications; all combined with the innovative teaching practices our faculty are developing through collaborative exchanges within and between our campuses. We will have several phases of return to, and if necessary retreat from, the bricks and mortar classrooms at the ready. We will continue consultations with our community and provincial health and education authorities to determine best options as the COVID situation progresses on its non-linear path.

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