We are writing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated support that the Blyth Academy at Lawrence Park has provided to our son.

By attending Blyth, he not only received a great education from teachers who are enthusiastic and committed to each students’ success, more importantly, he gained greater self-confidence to take with him on the next step of his journey.

We are so thankful to find an academic institution that was able to bring out the most that our son has to offer when others were not able or willing. That is the true difference in attending Blyth, you are designed to bring out the best in your students from the amount of care and attention dedicated to each pupil and enable them to carry that forward.
Gene and Carolyn Palazzo


My son had attended a school with 1,500 students from grade 7 to 12, with an average class size of 25 students. Finishing at 17 years of age, he decided to do a lap year to enhance his marks and to give himself an extra year to decide on a university program. He chose Blyth Academy, Lawrence Park (LP) to repeat his last year. From the very 1st day, Blyth welcomed him and made him feel like family!

With only 250 students from grades 7 to 12, Blyth LP’s class size is in the range of 6 to 10 students, some as low as 4. With this ratio, Blyth’s teachers can provide my son with Individual attention. Teachers are youthful, energetic, and versed in many teaching methods. With only 2 subjects per term or less, my son is able to concentrate more fully on each subject with a marked improvement.

Blyth also has a mentorship program, where students can request a teacher to be their mentor. My son benefits from meeting with his mentor over lunch or a walk, and this teacher has become an important support to him. The principal, Luke Coles and the administrative staff, work with students, teachers and staff to ensure student success and provide many alternative opportunities for any concerns. At Blyth, each student is guaranteed success because of the individual care provided. Blyth Academy is an amazing school.

This last year of my son’s pre-university education has been a wonderful year for him and for us. His marks are outstanding! He is part of many clubs including the student council. He has grown in many ways, including his self-confidence and self-esteem. We have made good friends with the staff and teachers and he feels good about his choice of program at university.

I wish to thank everyone at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park for providing this incredible year for my son! I wish everyone the best and hope we all keep in touch as good friends in the future.
Joan Moriyama


I am writing this letter to you to let you know just how grateful we as a family are for Blyth Academic High School. Our eldest boy now in grade 10 had been struggling in a public system that can only seem to accommodate the average, self-motivated learner despite the efforts of special ed teachers, IEPs etc.

Some kids just cannot learn in an environment of 32+ students in each class – x8 subjects – all year—ours was one of these and he was very discouraged. I happened to see a notice of your open house, attended and we signed him up mid-year.

It is not just his marks that have changed — his confidence in his ability to learn and his engagement with other students and the teachers have made a difference in his overall attitude toward school. This engagement learning is no longer possible in the public classroom given the numbers, they are assigned worksheets and sent home bored, frustrated and discouraged.

I only hope that other communities have access to Blyth and schools similar to Blyth, as these kids should not give up on themselves simply because we are not all the same learners. Thank you for all of your support.
Jill & Richard Reeves


Josh has blossomed from an introverted young man with little confidence in his abilities academically and socially to a very happy, confident young man who feels comfortable in his choices and abilities to navigate his needs. We could not be happier that Blyth was a part of his journey!
Linda Kleiman


I would be very happy to talk with prospective parents about Sophia’s experiences at Blyth. She came to Blyth in Grade 12, and I remember sitting in the office in a state of desperation. She had been in several schools and was very close to dropping out. She’s what educators label a ‘gifted underachiever’. Since attending Blyth, she has gone from barely scraping by to getting a 95 final in biology, and a midterm of 97 in advanced functions. Previously, she had no goals or aspirations, and now is wanting to go into computer science at Waterloo. I think there is an environment of respect at Blyth, and I often found that missing in other schools. I feel with this respectful environment where teachers have tremendous enthusiasm for their subjects, kids are more than likely to lean into it, rather than detach. I could go on…
Nicole Lundrigan


My son was not reaching his full potential at public high school. It was too big and he didn’t feel connected or motivated. When he joined Blyth Lawrence Park things improved steadily for a number of reasons. The classes are smaller with typically between 6 and 10 students which means that teachers had more time to spend helping students and were able to focus on individual needs. With the small classes the teachers get to know each student individually and forge a good relationship, this is something that never happened in the public system. The standards of the teachers are very high both in terms of personal character and qualifications, they are highly motivated and passionate about teaching. They really make a difference. Our son continues to thrive both academically and socially. He is enjoying school for the first time since grade school. He continuously receives good guidance counselling which has opened his mind to different options of study which he had never considered before and this is helping him decide what he would like to study at university.

We are happy with our decision to send our son to Blyth for grades 11 and 12 and are glad to see him enjoying school and learning again.


It is with a great deal of joy and pride to know that my son will be graduating from Blyth Academy after 4 years of support and guidance both academically and socially. He has the tools to move forward with confidence and the ability to navigate what lies ahead for him thanks to our decision to educate our son at Blyth. It has been a tremendous growing experience for all of us. Thank you to all the enthusiastic and caring teaching and support staff at Blyth. Small class sizes, big hearts!
Ethan Klieman


Blyth Academy Lawrence Park has positively changed our lives! Our 17-year-old son summed it up best when he said, “the small classes make it so that I can develop a more personal connection with my teachers”. We see that he is finally learning that asking for help, clarification or guidance is ok. As an educator and a parent, I know first hand that once a student trusts that his or her requests for help will be received without judgement, confidence develops and learning begins in earnest. It has taken a program like the one offered at Blyth to help our son see that. We only regret not having made the move sooner.
Linda McKay


Hello my name is Johnathan Lee I am an alumnus of Blyth Academy Lawrence Park. I am currently studying at the University of Southern California. I am on track to graduating with a combined majors and masters degree in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Petroleum Engineering.

I enrolled at Blyth Academy in 2010 after suffering a debilitating head and neck injury. Thankfully the teachers and principal at Blyth Academy were extremely supportive and helped me overcome this great adversity. I would describe my experience at Blyth Academy as life-altering, enlightening, and engaging.
Jonathan Lee


As a student, I completed the ENG4U accelerated program from August 10-28. I wanted to express what an amazing experience I had. Ms. Feder was a very professional, thorough teacher yet went above and beyond for caring about my personal health over the course of the three weeks. She has taught me more about my writing skills, time management and test writing mastery then I have learned in my past three years of English education. In addition, I enjoyed the other students in my class, and have met some of the best people which I would not have known otherwise. It was with the help of Michelle and her guidance that I was able to make the decision to register for this specific class. I look forward to taking night school this semester and enjoying the same exceeding of expectations.

Thank you for everything.
Danielle T.


We want to thank Blyth but specifically one the teachers Rachel Fletcher. Our daughter attended the Lawrence Park campus to take grade 12 English this summer. In the 3 years of high school in the Durham Catholic board we have never been able to have an open line of contact with any of our daughters teachers grades 9-11. And when we have reached out it has either taken several days or follow up on our part to chase them down. Rachel sent an email introducing herself the first day to the parents, we communicated back and forth on areas for our daughter Avery to focus on during the class and the experience for our daughter was fantastic. We wanted to say thank you to Rachel and to Blyth for creating such a positive learning environment.
James and Catherine Horlock


A Million Thanks!
Our son just settled in his residence room at Brock yesterday. On Wednesday he starts his first day in the Sports Management program. He couldn’t have done this without the support of you and your staff. We are so grateful to you all.
He is both excited and nervous, saying he “kinda wished he was going back to Blyth cause they really take care and help you through everything”! However, when we talked with him today he had made two new friends (in his program and on his floor in residence), had his first cafe meal, had a good night at the campus concert and was heading out with his buddy to breakfast and the campus sports day.
Please share this with everyone who had a hand in helping our son and extend our sincerest thanks. Joining the Blyth family was the best move we made, just wish we had done it sooner.

Thank you for everything.
Linda & Andy McKay


Thought I would share a story Mitch told at dinner Thursday. I asked how his day was and whether he learned anything at school.

Here was his response, “I was walking along the hall at lunchtime and when I looked up, I saw Luke waiting for me. He asked me how I was doing and said he was going out to get lunch. We talked about restaurants in the hood…a new Thai restaurant…Chipotle…I’ve never had a principal speak to me before! So I learned one thing today, I’m not invisible at Blyth.”

When we met in the spring, you mentioned your goal of creating a safe and positive school environment for students. Thought you might want to know how you’re doing. We’re excited about the upcoming school year!


The school year appears to be off to a great start!

Just wanted to let you know how the girls are doing. Both Hilary and Faith are in their first year. Hilary is studying psychology at Guelph U and Faith, environmental engineering at UBC. Both are very happy, more than engaged and seem to be making the most of this opportunity. Faith has been voted student representative for the first year enviro eng students. Hilary is getting much better grades than she expected. Needless to say, they have been amply prepared academically and otherwise, for these challenges and those ahead.

It has been a long road to get here and we are truly grateful.
Danuta Wyant


We want to thank you for encouraging Shannon to join the Model UN Club and to attend the conference yesterday! We were so proud of the fact that she went to the conference. She has made such strides at Blyth and being able to attend the conference is proof of that. The fact that she got an award as well was such an amazing and unexpected boost to her confidence!

We really appreciate the supportive environment that is fostered at Blyth and that has been so instrumental in Shannon’s growth.

Your caring and support are very much appreciated and we wanted you to know that!
Jennifer & Stephen B.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all that Blyth has done for my son this year. He has been admitted to the Georgian College Paramedic Program and he is over the moon. He is now confident in math and science for the first time I think in years. Thank you!

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