Blyth Academy Mississauga Testimonials

The Blyth Academy Mississauga Cawthra campus is a great school. My marks have increased dramatically since I have started at Blyth Academy. I am happy to come to school every day because of how great the atmosphere is. The teachers are always so positive, welcoming and they really show that they care about you and your marks. I am so happy my parents made the choice to send me here for high school, as it has been a great opportunity!
Victoria T.

I love the teachers, the class sizes and my classmates. They make me feel like I belong.
Mary L.

Blyth will change the way you look at education.
Caitlin D.A.

I have really enjoyed my last two years at Blyth Academy! There is a lot of nature with many paths that are perfect for lunchtime breaks! The teachers also help you and make sure that you have understood what is being taught. We are also expected to be kind to one another. I also like the term schedule, where we only have to focus on two subjects at a time. I really love Blyth!
Clayton H.

I like Blyth Academy because there is more time to work with your teachers and they are always willing to help you with your homework. The teachers are always very nice and they want to make sure that you are successful.
Derrick C.P.

Enrolling our daughter at the Mississauga campus for grade 11 and 12 was the wisest choice we could make as parents to invest in the future of our child. Our child was able to grow intellectually and emotionally, being mentored by excellent teachers who were her role models and inspired her to grow academically to the best of her potential.
Kapka Petrov

The teachers, the Guidance Counsellor and the Principal always kept me informed and were available in person or via email at all times. The small class sizes and the attention the teachers give to each student provided an environment in which my children not only learned how to study properly but also, for the first time, were interested in what they had learned. Both of my children have been working hard and are now excellent students, thanks to Blyth Academy.
Michaela Von Pfetten

Blyth was just what we needed. My son struggled to get a quality education that was built around his strengths. He had average grades before Blyth but never felt heard or successful. Doing his final year at Blyth Academy gave him the desire to learn, which allowed him his choice of post-secondary schools. He worked hard because he was inspired by the staff. He was free from distraction and received the attention that fostered his learning. Blyth was the investment we made in our sons future.
Trish Ronan

Our daughter has thrived during her Blyth ‎experience. We most appreciate the tailored approach that was supported for her term by term curriculum selection. The smaller class sizes encourage more meaningful discussions and foster an intimate solidarity that generates optimal results for each student. We appreciate the personalized updates that ‎keep us connected on progress. Blyth is simply the best ‎choice for a caring, enriching and customized learning plan.
Michelle Penman

We have been thrilled with Blyth Academy and only wished the Mississauga campus had been available earlier on for our daughter. The individual attention given to each student is the key to the success that Blyth Academy students have experienced. Our personal thanks to Michael Booth and Jenny Coles at the Mississauga campus for all of their personal efforts to help our daughter attain success. We are forever indebted to all at Blyth for making our experience there one to look back on as a positive direction change for our family.

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