Ottawa Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes your campus unique?

A. Our lower campus is dedicated to preparing our middle school students for success in high school. Our upper campus supports high school students with a very active Foundations Program in which we facilitate the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Our flexible academic schedules make us the preferred school for many elite athletes in the Ottawa area.

Q. How would you describe your student body?

A. Accepting, relaxed, motivated, academic.

Q. What are your most popular courses?


Q. What school clubs are available for students to join?

A. A selection of our school clubs include: Reach For The Top, Running Club, Book Club, Yearbook Committee, Student Council, Music Club, Youth Services Bureau, Meditative Coloring, Helping the Developing World, Maker Club.

Q. What is experiential learning?

A. While learning in a classroom setting is important, so is learning within the community. Biology class by the lake, art class at an art gallery, political studies at city hall are learning opportunities you can’t have sitting at a desk. Success rates show that learning through experience encourages curiosity, develops high levels of participation, and creates a deeper connection to course material. We firmly believe that experiential learning beyond the classroom walls creates an enhanced connection to the community as well as the people and places within it.

Q. Why should I send my child here? Advantages?

A. We form strong personal connections with each student. We know each student, their challenges and strengths, and we ensure they succeed to the best of their abilities.

Q. Most notable alumni?

A. Travis Konecny – 2016 – NHL Player – Philadelphia Flyers
Jacob Middleton – 2015 – AHL Player – San Jose Barracudas
Jesse Elser – 2017 – Member of U21 Men’s Volleyball World Championship Team
Noel Hoefenmayer – 2017 – NHL Arizona Coyotes Draft Pick
Kody Clark – 2017 – NHL Washington Capitals Draft Pick
Hudson Wilson – 2017 – NHL Arizona Coyotes Draft Pick
Mitchel Hoelscher – 2018 – NHL NJ Devils Draft Pick
Kevin Bahl – 2018 – NHL Arizona Coyotes Draft Pick; Member Team Canada U-18

Q. What is Edsby?

A. Parents/guardians play a vital role in their child’s education. We hold ourselves to the highest standard (quality and frequency) of communication between home and school. Edsby is a cloud-based tool that gives parents/guardians real-time access to their children’s attendance, schedules, activities, and academic progress. It is also a way to stay connected to teachers for the latest school news and information.

Q. Do you offer busing?

A. No, but we are easily accessible by public transit.


Get in touch with our campus to answer any further questions you may have.