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Andrew Hall - Blyth Academy Ottawa Guidance Councillor

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Sarah Kiros

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Blyth Academy

1 day 4 hours ago

Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Michael Dell. Rachel Ray.

What is one thing these entrepreneurial giants have in common? All of them journeyed down unconventional paths in high school, rejecting traditional education and it's shortcomings. This blog post talks about how the right high school learning environment can grow awesome entrepreneurs.

Aspire to Be the Next Silicon Valley CEO? Here's How You Can Get Started in High School
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Blyth Academy

1 day 7 hours ago

Global High School will be heading to China in mid-October to start term 2 in Asia! China, Cambodia, Laos & Thailand are all on the class schedule. There's still time to join! Check the link below to sign up for tonight's webinar and learn more about the program. 👨‍💻👩‍💻 👍

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Blyth Academy

4 days 2 hours ago

The sun has set over the Ponte Vecchio, which means another successful school day at Blyth Academy Florence is complete. ✔️The first term is only one week in and students are already settling in nicely. While living and studying on our campus in the heart of the city, they get the chance to live the tuscan life and revel in this incredible view. #studyabroadlife #florence #picoftheday Blyth Academy Florence