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Blyth has provided me with a teaching experience like no other. The small class sizes have made it easy to address individual needs, and develop real connections with all of my students. Having fewer students also means that they quickly become more comfortable with one-another, and are more likely to take positive risks. There is nothing more satisfying that watching a student make meaningful connections to the course content through genuine inquiry.

Being a teacher at Blyth means I can make learning stimulating and creative for my students. I strive to make lessons as experiential as possible by experiencing what the local community has to offer. Small class sizes allow me to be incredibly dedicated to and involved in the academic progress of students in my care. The learning environment at Blyth is what every classroom should endeavour to be—nurturing, devoted, and full of real-world connections.

Blyth is an excellent school! The teachers here are great. They pay attention to you, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and know what they can do to help you. The students are also very welcoming. The bottom line is that Blyth is a great school and I’ve really enjoyed my time here

Anthony K.
Grade 12 Student

After switching to Blyth Academy, not only did I attain academic success but also life skills. Blyth is unique from other high schools because aside from teaching regular academic skills such as time management, they also provide students with a learning environment in which we can acquire confidence, independence and leadership skills. I am extremely satisfied with my progress as an individual at Blyth Academy. I am so grateful that I made the switch.

Michaela C.
Grade 12 Student

We are thrilled with Blyth Academy Ottawa. We’re very happy with the small classes, the challenging curriculum, the high caliber of the teaching and the success our son is experiencing. The teachers are bright, passionate about their subjects and responsive to specific learning needs. The Principal, Sheila Robitaille is a tremendous resource; she is available and extremely helpful. Our son loves Math again! His marks reflect that. We couldn’t be happier

Dawn-Heather Ellis

Many things about Blyth Academy excite me as a parent! The Blyth model delivers education in a tangible and realistic way that helps prepare students for the next steps in both their education and life journey.

The community centric experiences and interactions used as part of its learning environment are part of what sets Blyth apart from other educational models, and was something I wanted as part of my daughter’s educational experience. I have found that this approach allows Brynn to reach her full potential and thrive academically in high school.

Laurel Anderson

Our daughter enrolled at Blyth Academy after a year abroad on a student exchange. Ms Robitaille and her team took a bright girl lacking confidence, who was getting lost and frustrated in the public system, and propelled her forward with the support that gave her confidence in her work.

Ms Robitaille and her staff happily and consistently went above and beyond to make my daughter’s education work. Whether ironing out small difficulties during the year, applying to universities in Canada and abroad, and finally to communicating with those same universities after acceptance, these were all done professionally and willingly. Ms Robitaille was there for us on a long weekend in the summer when a university administrative mistake was going to cause my daughter to lose her place in her preferred program. With the help of the dedicated staff at Blyth my daughter was accepted into every Canadian university to which she applied as well as five European universities, all with scholarships. This doesn’t happen without excellent teachers and great leadership. Thank you Ms Robitaille and Blyth

Mark Blasidell

Thanks for all your support this year, especially around Jesse’s concussion period. Christiane and I are very pleased with how the school supported Jesse in his grade 12 year away from home. We will recommend Blyth to other future volleyball families that might be considering sending their son to Gatineau to train with Team Canada.

Tom Elser

I wanted to let you know that Meredith has been extremely happy with her experience in Term 4 this year. With Ms. Park, Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Kenyon, I feel she has received a very high level of tuition from teachers who have exhibited tremendous commitment to Meredith’s success. Ms. Park continues to be a fantastic asset to Blyth: Meredith has greatly benefitted from her enthusiasm and dedication and has thoroughly enjoyed every course she has taken with her.

In the case of Grade 11 English, Meredith was most keen to make up any deficits from her Grade 10 experience. Those deficits were obvious at the start of Grade 11 but Mr. Maxwell has worked so hard with and encouraged Meredith, bringing creative and exciting methods of teaching that have really struck a chord with Meredith and resulted in a successful turnaround for her.

As for Mr. Kenyon (Grade 11 Chemistry), he has provided an outstanding level of teaching, and has proven very willing to go the extra mile to provide whatever support Meredith felt she needed so as to reach her high personal goals.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job these three dedicated and talented teachers have done.

Rhonda Wing

Dear Kofi.
Much water has flowed since we first met. Nichola is graduating and Lexi is preparing to head off on her Blyth summer program and looking forward to starting her final year in September.
The real reason I’m sending this mail is to let you know that both kids have high praise for you both as a teacher and as a caring human being.
Thank you for making their time in your classes a worthwhile learning experience which they’ll carry with them into university.
Best wishes,
Constantin Loudiadis

I would like to reiterate how pleased we were that Blyth was able to accommodate Margaret’s needs that made it possible for her to complete the Calculus and Vectors course despite having to take a two-week break to work on other academic pursuits. The creative approach that was set up by Ms Larose in lieu of the traditional classroom setting worked so well – so much so, that the entire experience exceeded our expectations. Mark was an outstanding tutor! And, Mr Morales, her on-line teacher, provided our daughter with record-breaking feedback that made it possible for her to work at an accelerated pace and attain her goal before heading back to Virginia to start her senior year. We are also very grateful for the work that you do as the educational counsellor: Your interaction with Margaret has been positive and most helpful.

Thanks to all!

Bessie Marinakos

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