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Our school story begins in 1977, Blyth Academy was a pioneer in the early years of education and adventure travel. Amongst various educational firsts, was the establishment of a Canadian high school in France, the Lycée Canadien en France. As well as a university campus, the Universite Canadienne En France, and the first accredited high school program on the campus of Oxford University.

In the field of travel, Blyth Academy operated the first bike tour in the People’s Republic of China in 1979 as well as adult bike trips behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1980’s. High-latitude travel followed with icebreaker expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. By 2000, we were the global leader in the field, opening up new areas to environmentally sensitive exploration.

In 2002, Blyth Academy opened its first high school in Canada on the third floor of a walk-up building in the heart of Toronto. With enrolment of 12 students and three classrooms, it was a modest but promising start. In 2005, a second school followed in Thornhill, and thereafter one or two schools each year. We now have 10 schools in Canada, as well as Blyth Academy Online, Global High School and Blyth Academy International Summers.

2015: We opened Blyth-Templeton Academy in Washington DC, and in 2016 received Candidacy Accreditation from the Middle States Association.

2016-17: Blyth Academy enrolled more than 7,000 students and opened a new campus in Waterloo (Ontario).

In September 2016, Blyth Academy opened up a school in Qatar

In September 2017: Blyth Academy opened up a school in Florence (Italy).

In September 2018: Blyth Academy opened our newest Ontario campus in Etobicoke

In December 2018: Blyth Academy joined Globeducate, a Spanish Organization that operates more than 50 private schools in nine countries.

Where will the Blyth Academy story go next?

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At Blyth Academy, our classroom experience is unparalleled and unique.


Experienced guidance counsellors work regularly with each student to prepare them for post secondary and beyond, with advice and counselling given during the application and scholarship selection process. Academic, personal, and vocational goals are a key area of focus, as the guidance counsellor assists in honing the students’ abilities and skills into potential post-secondary options.


Blyth Academy’s primary focus is on enhancing academic achievement to prepare all students for university and beyond. As a testament to Blyth Academy’s unique teaching methods and strategies, 98% of our students go on to post-secondary education. 90% receive their first-choice of school and 85% of students received either partial or full scholarship to post-secondary education.


With class sizes that average eight students, we are able to provide highly personalized education. Every one of our students has a seat at the front of the class; everyone is involved and everyone receives the full attention of the teacher. This encourages the full engagement of the entire class, each and every day. It also fosters a more participatory atmosphere where every student gets plenty of individual attention.

Thanks to our small class sizes, we are able to teach the student, not just the curriculum. Teacher feedback on the students’ progress can go into more depth and is immediately applicable for that week.


Here at Blyth Academy, we tailor the curriculum to the individual student, not the other way around. By taking into account each student’s learning style and extra-curricular responsibilities, we are able to customize a plan unique to the individual.

Through Blyth Academy’s ability to customize learning to the individual, we are a popular educational solution for elite student-athletes. Our student body in 2013 includes competitive freestyle skiers, ballet dancers, figure skaters, equestrians, hockey players, and other elite student-athletes. To find out more about how Blyth Academy may be right for your elite student-athlete, click here.


With ten different campuses to choose from, there is a school for every student. From the urban Yorkville to the uptown Thornhill, every Blyth Academy campus exudes its own unique personality and style.

Students are able to join Blyth Academy full-time at four standard entry points during the school year. However, transitions are simple to arrange any time when a switch is needed. Blyth Academy manages the paperwork, transcripts, and report cards.

To complement our full-time school, students may also wish to take part in night school or private courses to lean forward during their school year, or participate in our popular summer school program to reach ahead for the next school year.


Our campuses do not feature large libraries, luxurious gymnasiums, or aquatic centres. Instead, Blyth Academy students are integrated into the community around them by using and enjoying local libraries, local swimming pools, and local recreational facilities. By using and appreciating the facilities around us, we build a deep relationship with the community at large and give back to our neighbourhoods.


Blyth Academy’s unique experiential learning environment is one of the key pillars of our success. Experiential learning encourages students to be enthusiastic and engaged in their learning process. It brings the classroom to life and takes the students outside the traditional classroom setting to participate in hands-on learning.

To accomplish this, we hire teachers who have experience outside of the traditional classroom to ensure that they can bring a different and personal perspective to their subjects. We have partnerships with various learning institutions in the community, such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto International Film Festival and Outward Bound Canada at the Evergreen BrickWorks, as well as many applicable local organizations. These partnerships further allow us to take students out of the classroom to learn through active, hands-on participation.

We do not simply partner with these local organizations. We co-develop our courses with our partners to create an immersive and rich learning opportunity.

Experiential learning creates engagement as learning becomes real when it applies to the students’ world. By interacting with their peers, their teachers, and their curriculum in real-world settings, students are better prepared for university and their life skills are developed.


At Blyth Academy, we understand that athletic excellence takes great discipline and focus. We can customize a learning plan for your child that not only works around his or her athletic training schedule, but also integrates into it. For more information on our integrated athletic program, click here.


There is nothing more important to us than the happiness and academic success of our students. Each Blyth Academy campus has a dedicated guidance counsellor that works one on one with your child to mentor and manage the university selection process, career advice, and all day-to-day academic and personal issues. Every Head of School has an open-door policy, allowing free dialogue between the student, parent, and administration. To find out more about the Heads of School, click here.


At Blyth Academy, we use the most up-to-date, research-based teaching methodology, such as block teaching, “teacher as coach,” and authentic forms of assessment. This paradigm shift has proven successful at Blyth—more than 95% of our students are accepted into their first choice of university, and are better prepared to succeed not only in their first year but also beyond.

The academic year at Blyth Academy is divided into four terms of ten and a half weeks. This cutting-edge restructuring of the traditional academic school year has dramatic benefits for the student. Our Grade 9–12 students take only two courses per term, as opposed to a more traditional semester setting (four courses a semester) or a full-year setting (eight courses daily spanning the entire academic year). This means that Grade 9–12 students are able to manage their academic workload much more effectively. Two-hour classes, taken five days a week, allow more time for in-depth review and for individual attention to our students on an ongoing basis. Our Grade 5–8 students enjoy a regular eight-course term.

Students often cite their preference for our model. One of our students, Dylan F.M., put it this way:

Finding a school that could fit my busy schedule was nearly impossible. From the small class sizes to the diverse and experienced teachers, Blyth helped me balance my high school life.

Furthermore, homework is much more evenly balanced, so students avoid ‘crisis points’ where they have work due in many courses all at once.

This model also closely resembles the academic life of a university, where semesters are shorter and highly focused.


Blyth Academy not only provides a world-class education but also a rich and well-rounded student experience. All students are given the opportunity to participate in various sports activities and teams, take leadership roles in the school including student council and mega-council, and form and run school clubs such as our Model United Nations, the Ski & Snowboard club, Drama club and so much more.

Every year, Blyth Academy offers overnight camps, a full community service program, Terry Fox day, fall and winter activity days, a popular Chicago trip, and university tours.

At the conclusion of Grade 12, Blyth Academy is pleased to host a full graduation ceremony and prom, which is an extremely popular way of celebrating our students’ achievements.

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Though our physical doors remain temporarily closed, the minds of our students stay open. Summer classes are continuing to meet on their regular daily schedules, in virtual classrooms with face-to-face instruction and peer interaction.  The Blyth Academy model of small class sizes, flexible scheduling and individualized approach have enabled us to remain faithful to our standards. Our commitment to ongoing and meaningful communication between school, teachers, students and families has been critical to this effort.

Although our students have transitioned into summer mode and COVID-19 restrictions have begun to loosen, we are looking ahead to what September will hold for our campuses and families.
We want to be clear - our preference and our priority is to get students back to our campuses, but we must ensure this is done in a safe and effective way. While we await official guidance from Public Health and the Ministry of Education, a "return to school" task force has been hard at work putting concrete operational plans in place for all likely scenarios. This includes a full return to campus with safeguards, a blended model of virtual and in-campus learning and the continuation of fully virtual classrooms. All scenarios will provide robust learning and live, daily instruction and interaction with teachers and peers. 
With ten campuses across Ontario, we realize that each one of our schools is a unique space and community. We will be implementing across-the-board policies on hand washing, facility cleaning and social distancing measures. Each school is also prepared to pivot individually based on the guidance of local health authorities and to best serve students and families. 
Our recent survey showed that over 80 per cent of Blyth Academy families are eager to return to campuses, and we are hard at work to prepare for this day. As September's scenario becomes clearer and more information becomes available, we will continue to communicate. 

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