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About Virtual Summer School

Want to further your education remotely this summer while still being connected to classmates and a classroom experience? This summer, Blyth Academy is offering Virtual Summer School classes that mimic our regular in-class experience. What does that mean for students? They can now participate in daily virtual classes from home, the cottage, or anywhere there is wifi, at regularly scheduled times Monday to Friday. The classes, although virtual, allow students to visually and verbally partake in lessons led by a teacher, as well as contribute to class discussions and collaborate with peers in breakout groups online.

Similar to our academically rigorous in-class lessons, our virtual classes are structured with set start and end times, and deadlines are established for assignments, tests, and final exams. Classes are live and conducted through ZOOM video chat using a shared screen. Our teachers plan and execute lessons using PowerPoint, videos and white boards in real-time, allowing for students to have their questions answered directly. Extra one-on-one support from teachers is available during virtual office hours, as well as through email and recorded tutorials. All classes are recorded and made available within our online portal, giving students the ability to reference lessons when preparing for assignments and assessments.

This year, enjoy your summer and earn a credit without the added commute. You can now log in to our virtual classroom to stay connected to peers and teachers wherever you may be. If you need more help with understanding which platform would work best for you, please call 416-960-3552. Click here to enrol in Virtual Summer School.

Virtual Summer School 2020 Sessions

July 6 to July 31, 2020
Virtual Classes: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday (with afternoon office hours)

August 4 to August 28, 2020
Virtual Classes: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday (with afternoon office hours)

If a high volume of students enrol from alternate time zones, additional times may be offered for select courses. Contact admissions for more information.

 Virtual Summer School"Traditional" Online Course
Admissions ProcessStart July 6, 2020 or August 4, 2020Start Anytime
Structured DayWork at your own pace
Live teacher-led classesSelf-directed learning
Price$1,995 (CGR4M - $2,995) for Domestic Students and $2,595 (CGR4M - $3,595) for International Students$595 for Domestic Students, $795 for International Students
Access to Teacher?During virtual class time, and virtual office hoursVia email and learning platform
Course Completion DateJuly 31, 2020 or August 28, 2020Max. 365 days after enrolment

July Courses Offered


Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Principles of Mathematics (MPM1D)*English (ENG2D)Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ3M)Visual Arts: Photography (AWQ4M)
Civics and Career Studies (CHV2O/GLC2O)English (ENG3U)International Business (BBB4M)
Core French (FSF3U)English (ENG4U)
French Immersion (FIF3U)Core French (FSF4U)
World Religions and Belief Traditions (HRT3M)French Immersion (FIF4U)
Functions (MCR3U)Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
Functions and Applications (MCF3M)Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
Biology (SBI3U)Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U)
Chemistry (SCH3U)Chemistry (SCH4U)
Biology (SBI4U)
Physics (SPH4U)
Harry Potter and the Critical Lens (IDC4U)
The Environment and Resource Management (CGR4M)**
*Only students who have completed Grade 9 are eligible to earn a credit in MPM1D. Grade 8 students wishing to audit the course may do so, but a credit cannot be granted
**CGR4M is offered at a tuition cost of $2995 for domestic students and $3595 for international students .

August Courses Offered


Grade 11Grade 12
English (ENG3U)English (ENG4U)
Functions (MCR3U)Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
Functions and Applications (MCF3M)Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)

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Effective March 17, 2020, Blyth Academy is remote organization in hopes of doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. We will be receiving all emails, phone calls, and voicemails and are dedicated to maintaining business as usual. Thank you for your continued support!

Though our doors are temporarily closed, the minds of our students will remain open. Our students will continue their academic journey through virtual classrooms, to ensure our students don’t miss out on valuable curriculum hours. Our small class sizes and individualized approach will continue in a virtual model, as will the structure that students need to be engaged and successful during the closure. Live virtual classes, office hours, guidance support and even extracurricular activities will continue through virtual tools. In these uncertain times, we believe that our students benefit greatly from the structure, social interaction and support their school provides them.

Our plans include continuing term three virtually, along with all of the usual processes for student report cards and information sharing with post-secondary institutions delivered on schedule. Planning for term four is underway with Principals and guidance staff working on finalizing courses and students’ schedules.

Blyth Academy is committed to providing students with personalized instruction and support, focusing on critical and creative thinking skills, and nurturing curiosity, innovation and student leadership. We are also committed to providing ongoing communication between the school and families.

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