Blyth Academy Thornhill Testimonials

As my high school career comes to end, I have had the opportunity to think of the people and places that have helped me find success throughout my education. Obviously, my parents play a huge role in my success but if it weren’t for the support and tools given to me through Blyth Academy, I probably would not be here today, a high school graduate. Blyth has provided me with the skills to be a strong student and has inspired me to further my education. Blyth has been a place that I have called home for two years and it has changed my outlook on school completely. Blyth Academy Thornhill and its administrative team help create success stories for the students that attend this school and have inspired many lives around them.

Thornhill student grad photo


Our son has attended Blyth Academy part-time and, just this past year, full-time at the Thornhill Campus location. Our son had attended Blyth Academy (Lawrence Park and Thornhill Campuses) for academic math courses (night school) in Grades 10 and 11 with exceptional results.

Upon his Grade 12 graduation from his TDSB school in June, 2016, his plans were to attend a 4-year university in the U.S. on a (partial) baseball scholarship. As things turned out, the U.S. school and its baseball program were not what we had been advised they would be, so we returned to Toronto in mid-August, 2016.

At loose ends and too late to apply to a Canadian university, we decided the best plan of action would be for our son to attend Blyth Academy Thornhill on a full-time basis to upgrade his marks and overall GPA. As they say, things happen for a reason.

Our son has grown and developed into a dedicated, motivated and mature student. He is proactive, enthusiastic, eager and articulate.
He had all of these characteristics and qualities in his constitution, however, through the learning, instruction and culture at Blyth, these elements were encouraged, nurtured and enriched.

Just this week (Feb 2017), our son was advised that he had received acceptance offers from both Queens and Western Universities for the fall of 2017!

In closing, we would like to thank and commend all the teachers, staff, and administration at Blyth Academy Thornhill for their ongoing dedication and commitment to making their students brilliant!


My time here at Blyth has been a wonderful experience thus far. Working at Blyth allows me to build meaningful relationships with each of my students. Small class sizes allow me to make a positive impact on students and ensure they are prepared for their future endeavours. Working alongside parents, fellow colleagues and students on a consistent basis allows us to ensure they flourish not only academically, but also socially.
Yasmin Kassam
Social Science Teacher


My year at Blyth Academy Thornhill was definitely the most important and influential one of my high school career. The teachers and staff are supportive, helpful, and truly care about the success of their students. I graduated not only with the marks I needed to get into my top choice of school and program but also with life skills that I will carry with me throughout my post-secondary education. Thank you, Blyth Academy for making my last year of high school so rewarding and memorable.
Divya C.


My son will be entering his third year at Blyth Thornhill. He has done incredibly well, both academically and socially. We attribute his success to the great teachers and administrators who really care about each of their students.
Thank you again for a great 2 years and we look forward to the next two.
Sharon Robinson


Our decision go to Blyth Thornhill has been the best decision we ever made! It has been a life changing experience for all of my kids. I truly believe that the small class sizes and the excellent teachers made the difference in helping them get into their top pick programs for university. I am grateful to everyone at Blyth for their support and most of all for putting the students first.
Sina Daniell


Our son did so well during his first year at Blyth Academy Thornhill. He thoroughly enjoyed Grade 9. The small class sizes worked to his benefit, and he received excellent support from the wonderful teachers and administration staff, especially Mr. Patrick Butler the Guidance Counsellor, who was always available to assist when required. We are looking forward to his further Grade 10 studies at Blyth.
Michael R. Cote


Our daughter suffers from severe anxiety that caused her to miss school. Her doctor recommended Blyth Academy. And she has thrived. A straight-A student who has confidence and loves going to school. After 4 months she asked if she could attend Blyth Global High School. Our terrified and withdrawn daughter is now going to Europe for 2 semesters. We cannot thank Blyth enough for giving her life back and helping her to shine!
Gavin and Stacey Roth


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