Waterloo Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes your campus unique?

A. We are committed to providing an environment where all students become creative, independent and critical thinkers and will provide an enriched program for students who are passionate about mathematics, science and computer science. Students will study in an environment embedded in the “Innovation District” in Kitchener-Waterloo, in close proximity to Communitech, Google, Desire2Learn as well as other successful companies in the high tech sector. Our location near the transit hub allows easy access to two major universities: the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University and their related institutes: Centre for International Governance Innovation, Perimeter Institute, Institute for Quantum Computing, and the Lazaridis Institute. Our partnerships with these organizations will greatly enhance the student experience and provide opportunities for meaningful experiential learning.

Q. How would you describe your student body?

A. Our students are academically driven. They are generous, fun, hard-working, and smart.

Q. What are your most popular courses?

A. Math, English, Science, Business, Computer Science.

Q. What school clubs are available for students to join?

A. At Blyth Academy Waterloo we are building an active and dynamic school community. We have a range of extra-curricular opportunities in which all students are encouraged to participate. These include student council, prom committee, DECA, mathematics and computer science clubs and contests, coding workshops as well as various other activities of interest to our students.

Q. What is experiential learning?

A. While learning in a classroom setting is important, so is learning within the community. Biology class by the lake, art class at an art gallery, political studies at city hall are learning opportunities you can’t have sitting at a desk. Success rates show that learning through experience encourages curiosity, develops high levels of participation, and creates a deeper connection to course material. We firmly believe that experiential learning beyond the classroom walls creates an enhanced connection to the community as well as the people and places within it.

Q. Why should I send my child here? Advantages?

A. We offer personalized learning experiences combined with experiential learning opportunities. Our dedicated staff focus on academic achievement and well-being and provide ongoing communication between school and families. Our school is a place where students thrive academically and socially/emotionally. We focus on critical and creative thinking skills, nurturing curiosity, innovation and student leadership.

Q. Most notable alumni?

A. Joel Pollack, winner of $100,000 Schulich Leadership Scholarship; Bill Le, DECA provincial executive for 2018-2019

Q. What is Edsby?

A. Parents/guardians play a vital role in their child’s education. We hold ourselves to the highest standard (quality and frequency) of communication between home and school. Edsby is a cloud-based tool that gives parents/guardians real-time access to their children’s attendance, schedules, activities, and academic progress. It is also a way to stay connected to teachers for the latest school news and information.

Q. Do you offer busing?

A. No, but we are easily accessible by public transit.


Get in touch with our campus to answer any further questions you may have.