Post-Graduate Program | Blyth Academy Waterloo

Many recent high-school graduates are not prepared for the rigours of university. Surveys and studies show alarming drop-out and failure rates from Canadian institutions — particularly amongst 17- and 18-year-olds. Many students would benefit from completing their high school education in five years rather than four. Blyth Academy Waterloo’s Post-Graduate program builds in that extra year to help develop students’ academic and social maturity, giving them a better chance to access and succeed at the best universities.

Our Post-Graduate Program

At Blyth Academy Waterloo, we believe students can mature socially and stay engaged academically whether by upgrading courses, taking new and additional Grade 12 credits while combining these with one or two of a variety of programs that we offer. Each program will be custom designed to suit the needs of the student from a menu of options.

Post-Graduate Foundations program

At Blyth Academy Waterloo, students will be taught essential skills in our Post-Graduate Foundations program. These skills include developing opinions, interpreting information, independent learning, and active participation in our small-group setting and more!

Additional Grade 12 Credits

We offer all mathematics (MDM4U, MHF4U, MCV4U) and science (SBI4U, SCH4U, SPH4U) courses as well as ENG4U each year. Beyond these courses, we work with our students to ensure that they are able to meet the OSSD requirements. After that, we work with our students to identify several options that are of interest to them.

Credit Upgrades

At Blyth Academy Waterloo, we provide students with the opportunity to upgrade their course marks and gain a better understanding of key concepts before moving on to post-secondary through repeat courses.

Online Courses

Online courses are available to all students through Blyth Academy Online. With over 100 high school courses to choose from, this makes taking the courses that interest you all the more possible.

Volunteer Experience

Blyth Academy Waterloo has a partnership with the Volunteer Action Centre in Kitchener. This organization assists with finding volunteer placements. This will allow our students to find volunteer opportunities that interest them. Blyth Academy also offers opportunities for students to volunteer abroad during the summer or over March break.

AP Courses

Blyth Academy Waterloo offers Advanced Placement Preparation courses to interested students. The motivation for taking Advanced Placement courses may vary, but all who participate are better prepared for their post-secondary lives.

First Year Studies

Blyth Academy Waterloo has a partnership with Trent University that allows our students to take first-year university courses. Partnerships with other universities are in the works so we can provide our students with even more opportunities.


In the SAT Preparation course, students gain practice and confidence in taking the official SAT exam. This course is intended for students interested in taking the SATs and attending University in the U.S.

Co-Operative Placement

Cooperative Education is the fastest growing area of Secondary School Education. Our school is connected well to businesses in the technology sector, the non-profit sector, as well as with local civic organizations.

Study Abroad Programs

Students at Blyth Academy Waterloo can study abroad for a term, a semester, or a year through our travelling programs or at one of our International Campuses. Students can also take summer courses through our International Summers Programs.


From September 2018, we will have four entry points and terms each year: Early September, mid-November, early February and mid-April. The program can be as short as one term, a semester or a full academic year.


Each custom designed program will have differing costs but fees can be as low as $595 CAN for an online course.