Waterloo High School Athletics Programs Available

Full-time students at Blyth Academy Waterloo may take part in several athletic skills training programs while benefitting from our flexible school schedules, meeting both their academic and athletic needs. Whether they are looking to study and train in school or simply looking to complete high school, Blyth Academy can accommodate your athletic schedule.

Full-time school at Blyth Academy with flexible school day
term scheduling for out-of-school Training

This program recognizes that students pursuing a goal in professional sports have specific training and schedule requirements that require flexibility. Small classroom settings, flexible schedules, and exceptional teachers ensure that all students receive the personalized attention and support they need to succeed academically.

Blyth Academy will work around your training schedule, no matter the sport. We can accommodate students needing flexibility at any of our campuses.

To speak to someone about how flexible academic scheduling can take your sports training to the next level, email Admissions or call 1-866-960-3552.


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