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My experience at Blyth Academy Waterloo has allowed to better myself inside and outside the walls of the classroom. I have had incredible experiential learning opportunities such as being a part of DECA and Student Council. My time at Blyth Waterloo has taught me valuable lessons that can be used in real-world situations and has overall made me a better person.


Coming to Blyth Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here, I can fully grasp the curriculum because the skilled teachers are able to tailor to each student’s learning ability. There are so many opportunities for me to enrich my learning such as DECA, science fairs, as well as support for Advanced Placement exams. My experience here so far has allowed for my growth to my fullest potential.


Blyth Waterloo offers fantastic opportunities for students that you couldn’t find anywhere else. As a Grade 12 student, my time at Blyth has allowed myself to prepare for my future in university. The wide variety of courses has allowed me to choose what suits me as a student. My experience here has expanded my appreciation for education both inside and outside the classroom.


I’m so grateful to you and all the teachers. Blyth was the right choice for my daughter. The reason I decided to try the school was that you were the principal and I’m so happy I did!
Rosie Solylo


Our family’s experience with Blyth has been fabulous. Our son’s programming was tailored to his specific needs and timetable by the Blyth organization. Without the exceptional guidance and empathetic personal assistance provided by Kathy Young and Linda Pernfuss our son would not be close to completing his G12 nor would he be university-bound.
Our journey started late last summer. I met with Sam Blyth (a long time personal friend) over a steak and a bottle of wine to discuss my son’s many challenges and difficult path. Sam assured me that his organization could help by creating a personalized private education program for Cullen. Sam facilitated this first through a meeting with the principal (Laurie Foley) at the Thornhill campus. Cullen’s first course with Blyth was wonderfully executed there. We then transferred Cullen to the Kitchener campus where a personal education plan was developed and executed expertly off-campus (Cullen was living in Guelph at the time with his eldest sister). Cullen is now 2-3 weeks away from completing his 6th credit. This will be a very special moment for Cullen and his entire family.
We are very much indebted to the following professionals who have been wonderful agents in this journey:
Sam Fairbloom English teacher
Cathy Guthrie Data Management teacher
World Issues tutor
World History tutor
Challenge & Change in Society tutor
Benjamin Woodford World History teacher
Emma Harrow Challenge & Change in Society teacher
All four of our children attended Country Day School (“CDS”) in King City from JK to G12. Cullen only made it to G11 and then took a year off before attending Blyth. Although our experience with CDS was and remains fabulous (our youngest daughter has just completed her G11) it was not an environment that was able to keep Cullen focused and on track. Through a customized approach, Blyth has been able to achieve what I believe no other institution could have done.
Simply put, the Blyth organization has meaningfully exceeded our expectations. As such we would be pleased to act as references for Blyth especially as relates to challenged and troubled youth, which our son was and still is (thankfully to a much lesser degree today versus a year or two ago).
As an aside, we have just recently signed our daughter (Kendall Langston) up to a Blyth Costa Rica course. We are quite excited for her, as this will likely be a life-altering opportunity and one that we are very thankful to Blyth for. Additionally, we have also encouraged another CDS family to engage with Blyth as a result of our understanding of their circumstance and our own successful exposure to and belief in the Blyth modus operandi.
Paul Colin Langston


Good day, I finished the last school day with my student. In the end, he did us all proud and completed his last grade 12 course. What a team – with other Blyth teachers! We make a difference, as we focus individually on our students.

P.S. Emma was a delight to work with and certainly went above and beyond with this student. She prepared an interesting and excellent grade 12 university course which incorporated lessons and skills to prepare him for future success.


Brechin’s involvement with Blyth fundamentally shifted Brechin’s university prospects and general view on life. Her experience with your campus gave her confidence with the focus you offered her. Her experience with Global HS expanded her perspective on pretty much everything. Thank you very much for encouraging Brechin as you did. By doing so you pulled her out of small town and provided her with a window to the possibilities of a full and wondrous life. Thank you, again.

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