Whitby Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes your campus unique?

A. We have two separate campuses – one for our Middle School students in Grades 6-8, and another for our high school students in Grades 9-12. We are small and caring, which means everyone knows everyone else, and we take care of each other. We are nurturing, while at the same time being academically rigorous, which allows students to see their innate potential. We put students first and treat everyone as an individual.

Q. How would you describe your student body?

A. There’s not one correct way to describe the student body, because everyone is so different. We have athletes that work hard in the classroom until lunch time and then head off to the training facility to work even harder. We have students who have come from us from difficult social or academic situations and are looking for a new start. We have students who want to succeed more than anything and are going to try everything in their power to do so. And then we have students for whom every single day is a struggle, but if they’re given the support needed, they will overcome every obstacle in front of them. Our student body is multi-faceted, ambitious, and unique in their own ways.

Q. What are your most popular courses?

A. As educators, it is our job to make every course a “popular” course. And we do that every day at Blyth Academy Whitby. We offer a wide range of traditional courses such as English, math, science, business and physical education; however, we also offer equity and gender studies, world cultures and religion courses, as well as a wide range of social science, physical education and arts courses.

Q. What school clubs are available for students to join?

A. We like to react to what students are looking for when creating our clubs. We’re a small school so we don’t have sports teams, but we do take a few eager kids who want to play baseball or soccer to a local park for a sports club in the fall and spring. We also have a Student Council to allow our students leadership opportunities. We look for what our teachers excel in as well. Perhaps they are passionate about one of the following:
environmental stewardship
LGBTQ issues
comic books
social justice
video games
… and want to share that passion with the students. But above all, once we identify our students’ interests, we are going to do our best to curate a club that appeals to them.

Q. What is experiential learning?

A. Essentially, experiential learning is seeing the why and how behind the learning and looking beyond the curriculum at the world around us. It’s not unusual to see the science teachers doing labs outside, or history teachers taking students to museums and hearing Holocaust survivors speak, or English teachers taking students to see plays on stage. The goal is to combine the books and the studying with lived experiences that will allow students to fully engage with and grasp the material even better than they could before. Success rates show that learning through experience encourages curiosity, develops high levels of participation, and creates a deeper connection to course material. We firmly believe that experiential learning within and beyond the classroom walls creates an enhanced connection to the community as well as the people and places within it.

Q. Why should I send my child here? Advantages?

A. If you want to try out a new environment where your child isn’t just a body in a classroom, Blyth Academy Whitby is a great choice.

If they’ve struggled in another educational environment, or have struggled around their peers, this is a safe place for them. Our students are inclusive and helpful, and although many students come in worried about the transition to a new school, within a few days they feel like they’ve been here forever. It’s a fresh start, and sometimes, for a teenager struggling with who they are, that could be the biggest thing they need.

If you have high aspirations for postsecondary, we are the right place. Grade 12 Calculus sounds daunting when you’re trying to figure it out with 30 other kids, but how about a situation where you’re learning it with six other students, and your teacher is there every step of the way to make sure you understand it and excel? We have a great university acceptance rate and we can thank our teachers for that. Teachers at Blyth Academy Whitby are incredibly invested in the success of every student.

We offer small classes with an average size of eight, personalized education, compassionate teachers, strong parent/teacher communication at all grade levels, expert one-on-one guidance, and genuine care and concern for your child.

Every student matters at Blyth Academy Whitby.

Q. Most notable alumni?

A. Stephen Desrochers (Drafted by Toronto Maple Leafs in 2015)

Q. What is Edsby?

A. Parents/guardians play a vital role in their child’s education. We hold ourselves to the highest standard (quality and frequency) of communication between home and school. Edsby is a cloud-based tool that gives parents/guardians real-time access to their children’s attendance, schedules, activities, and academic progress. It is also a way to stay connected to teachers for the latest school news and information.

Q. Do you offer busing?

A. No, but we are easily accessible by public transit.


Get in touch with our campus to answer any further questions you may have.

Effective March 17, 2020, Blyth Academy is remote organization in hopes of doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. We will be receiving all emails, phone calls, and voicemails and are dedicated to maintaining business as usual. Thank you for your continued support!

Though our doors are temporarily closed, the minds of our students will remain open. Our students will continue their academic journey through virtual classrooms, to ensure our students don’t miss out on valuable curriculum hours. Our small class sizes and individualized approach will continue in a virtual model, as will the structure that students need to be engaged and successful during the closure. Live virtual classes, office hours, guidance support and even extracurricular activities will continue through virtual tools. In these uncertain times, we believe that our students benefit greatly from the structure, social interaction and support their school provides them.

Our plans include continuing term three virtually, along with all of the usual processes for student report cards and information sharing with post-secondary institutions delivered on schedule. Planning for term four is underway with Principals and guidance staff working on finalizing courses and students’ schedules.

Blyth Academy is committed to providing students with personalized instruction and support, focusing on critical and creative thinking skills, and nurturing curiosity, innovation and student leadership. We are also committed to providing ongoing communication between the school and families.

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