Blyth Academy Whitby Testimonials

Starting grade nine can be stressful at the best of times, but continuing in grade ten after being home schooled has its own added anxieties. The teachers, staff and the other students at Blyth Academy Whitby took the time to support the transition of our daughter into the school environment. The small campus, small classes and the attendance of other hockey playing students has made it all that much easier and have helped our daughter to set a strong foundation on which she is building her successful secondary school career.


Blyth has been a real success for our daughter. She will tell you herself it exceeded even her expectations. The educational growth, maturity growth and also a shift in outlook on life that we saw was more than we had hoped for. All that in just one year. This all came from the principal, staff, students and environment that Blyth Academy Whitby delivered. Our daughter found the right place to excel in order to meet the very high and unique requirements she needed in order to attend university in her chosen field. She is, this fall, off to pursue a dream that only 18 months ago seemed out of reach. Thank you Blyth Academy Whitby.


Blyth Academy Whitby has done an amazing job of building back my son’s confidence and getting him back on track to grade level as a result of him not being taught the provincial standard at his prior private school. The academic and personal growth that we have seen as a result of the support at Blyth Academy Whitby has provided has been simply amazing. My son, for the first time this year, now in grade 10, has started talking about post-secondary education and focuses on completing homework and assignments at home with little or no involvement from his mother or myself. He is also pulling down some amazing academic results this year and we could not be prouder of him and his successes. This is due in large to the environment that Blyth Whitby has provided from day one and continue to provide. As parents we could not be happier.


When a child has had an illness or an athletic injury, getting them healthy as soon as possible is every parent’s goal. At the same time, the desire to minimize school disruptions is also on your mind. As a family we wanted a school that could provide a healthy living environment, good academics, and flexibility in our son’s scheduling to accommodate injury recovery programming and sports. Blyth Academy Whitby checked all of our boxes. The school has an association with a fitness and wellness club just three blocks from the school which can monitor workouts for form and injury prevention. The Academy has deep ties with some of Ontario’s best universities ensuring that academic standards are high. Best of all, Blyth Academy Whitby provides the timetable flexibility that just can’t be met other places. In addition the small campus and small classes brought the bonus of teacher time and focus on our son so that he will be graduating grade 12 right on schedule while managing surgery and recovery from his injuries.


Up at 5 a.m., travel, 6 hours at school, travel, 4 to 6 hours of practice, travel, homework, bed, repeat. Missed practices to prep for tests, late to practices because school ends too late to get there on time, exhausted from no down time but trying to get through the homework all while in a French Immersion high school. For our family this is just a regular schedule. Add in major national competitions and things can get to the breaking point. Finding balance between our daughter’s sport, her education and some down time can be impossible since she is competing at an elite sports level. Our family needed to find a way to make it work for our daughter who was about to hit critical milestones as she started grade 12 and was striving to elevate her athletic performance.

While searching for a solution, one of the public high schools suggested we visit Blyth Academy Whitby. From the welcome at the first meeting we felt something was different. The flexibility of the scheduling made getting to practice, and missing practices for school prep virtually a thing of the past. The small class sizes and increased teacher interaction made the transition from learning everything in French to doing all of her school work in English not just achievable but successful. As a private school, Blyth Academy Whitby also afforded our daughter an environment with other students like her who were pursuing their education and an outside interest with great focus and energy.

When they asked us, “Has Blyth Academy Whitby been a success for your daughter? Our answer is an unequivocal, “Yes, it’s more than we hoped for.” Our daughter, just ranked 7th in Canada in her sport this January, and she is about to graduate and attend the university of her choice and actually has some time to have a social life. What else could we ask for?


Teachers and the School Director at Blyth Whitby are extremely caring and dedicated. By focusing on a four-term approach, students are able to reach greater depth with their subjects and superior work flow. My daughter’s needs are met educationally as well as her full schedule with other strong interests, which support growing the entire child. Keep doing what you are doing Blyth—impressive work with teenagers.


Blyth Academy has been good to our family. Both our older daughter and now our younger daughter have attended Blyth at different campuses. We heard our youngest daughter say for the first time ever: “I love my school. We are like a family at Blyth and I never want to go to a public high school again.” Sarah’s grades, though good, went up a solid 10–20% across the board. She has been given the ability to shine in her areas of strength, and receive positive mentoring in the areas she needs to work on. The sports program has been an incredibly good experience and opportunity for Sarah. She went up another level in hockey this year and has gained new skills, strength, and confidence from both Anthony from Edge’s training, and from TWIST. Private school was not in our plans for our youngest, but we will do whatever it takes to make sure she is able to complete her high school at Blyth Whitby because we have witnessed the extremely positive results in her, and in her academic success.

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