Admissions Process


Congratulations, you are currently accomplishing the first step: visiting our website. From here you will learn about our educational philosophy and can review the campus team, facilities, and amenities. When you are ready to find out more about Blyth Academy, you can proceed to Step Two.


The best way to answer your questions is face-to-face. Each campus holds an information session every month. Information sessions provide an in-depth look at Blyth Academy and are a great opportunity to meet with staff members, the Head of Schools and the Guidance Heads. RSVP to the session of your choice.

If you are unable to attend an information session, you can call our knowledgeable Admissions Advisors at 1-866-960-3552 or email They will be able to answer all of your questions and schedule an interview with the Head of School at your chosen campus.

If you would like to request a Blyth Academy brochure, simply fill out this form and you can download any of our campus (or international programs) brochures.


When you are ready to enrol your student, the next step is an admissions interview with the Head of School at the campus of your choosing.

This one-hour interview is an opportunity for our Head of Schools to explore the student’s academic needs, interests, and goals to determine how Blyth Academy can work for him or her. We encourage families to attend the interview with the student. To schedule an interview, please call an Admissions Advisor or email You are advised to bring the following documentation for your interview:

  • Ontario Student Transcript containing information from the past 12 months. If one is not available, please bring a Credit Counseling Summary or a student’s most recent report card.
  • IEP (Individual Education Plan) if your child has one.


After your admissions interview, you can complete your registration either through our online registration system or by dropping a paper copy of the registration form at the campus of your choice. With all paper registration forms, please include a cheque payable to Blyth Academy for the registration fee of $595. Submitting your registration form starts the process of scheduling a start date and course selection.

Besides being affordable, Blyth Academy also offers parents a choice of payment plans. Simply pay fees according to the plan that meets your requirements. Please visit our Fees section to find out more.

After registration, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment and welcoming you to Blyth Academy. This email will include all of the details you will need to prepare for your first day.


The final step in the admissions process occurs when students meet with the Guidance Head of their campus to complete course selection for the upcoming academic year. You can schedule this meeting any point after Registration and before your first day. Select your courses early to ensure your choices are available.

That’s it, welcome to Blyth Academy!

Ready to Apply?

Let Blyth Academy help you reach your full academic potential!

  1. You will be contacted shortly by the Academic Director / Head of School at your campus. This should occur within 5 business days of application.
  2. The Academic Director / Head of School will set up a meeting with you to discuss next steps in planning for the upcoming academic year. This meeting may include a review of your student’s goals, their course selection, a tour of the school, and a meeting with the Guidance Head.
  3. After your meeting, you will be sent a Welcome Package, welcoming you to Blyth Academy. This package includes your booklist, official entrance letter, and forms that must be filled out and brought to the school on your first day. Please review them carefully.

If you have any questions, or to make changes to your application, please feel free to contact us.