International Student Agents


Your clients deserve the best study in Canada experience you can offer. Blyth Academy, Canada’s #1 High School by Huffington Post, is a private high school in Ontario with ten campuses. Each school is designed to be a boutique of 50-150 students and has an average class size of eight. Blyth Academy offers a comprehensive full-time program, private courses, night school, summer school, and online classes. It is the perfect environment for international students to adapt to studying in Canada and prepare for university studies.

Our primary focus is to enhance academic achievement to prepare all students for university and beyond. For example, as a testament to our unique teaching methods and strategies, 98% of our students go on to post-secondary education, with 90% receiving their first-choice of school. In addition, 85% of students received either a partial or full scholarship to post-secondary education.

Our agents earn up to 20% commission for students attending our Ontario campuses or studying online. If you’d like more information, you can submit a request by filling out the form here.

You can also download a hand out to share with your clients.