Global High School Student Wins Best Documentary Photography Award

Daniel Chan’s success continues to grow as one of his more recent projects, “For Right and Justice” earns several awards internationally.

The documentary ‘still picture’ project that Daniel produced during term 4 of Blyth Academy Global High School in Nicaragua, has received the following four awards.

  • Best Documentary Photography Award In Angeles Documentaries Festival 2018
  • Best Photography Award in the 19th season of Calcutta International Cult Fim Festival 2018
  • Gold Photography award of the 10th Monthly Season of the Virgin Spring CineFest 2018
  • Outstanding Achievement Photography Award in the 10th Monthly Season of the Cult Critic Movie Awards 2018

Daniel’s photograph is also a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest, and among the 12 selected photographs featured throughout the Paramount Building in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District during the docLAHOMA Film Festival in July 2018.

Daniel is very excited about his achievements and had this to say about his work,

“This photograph was captured during a protest in Nicaragua on Term Four of Blyth Global High school when I and my classmates took on the initiative to document a significant event. Specifically, this period of unrest and chaos was caused primarily due to a cut in retirement funds by the government. Therefore, with a desire to tell stories through my images I was keen on exploring the situation itself in hopes of broadcasting it to the greater masses. Ultimately, I achieved my goals and have further developed my artistic eye through this experience.”

For Right and Justice | By Daniel Chan

In addition to the success of this documentary project, Daniel has produced a short cinematic video during his time in South America with Global High School, “Viva la Vida – a travel Cinematic”. The trailer for his film has won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 19th season of the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018, is also a finalist winner of the 10th monthly season of the Cult Movie Awards 2018, and has been awarded the Gold award for Best Trailor in the L.A. Shorts Awards September 2018.

Congratulations Daniel on all your recent achievements, we can’t wait to see what you will do next!