Blyth Academy Announces new school opening in Mexico City

Although we are separated by a massive nation, ties between Canada and Mexico are becoming deeper, stronger and more diverse all the time.

Now Blyth Academy has announced an initiative that will bring us closer in an even more profound way. In September 2018, Blyth Academy will be opening a new school in Mexico City—adding to the 17 existing campuses in Ontario, Washington DC, Doha and (as of September 2017) Florence, Italy.

Blyth Academy CEO Sam Blyth unveiled the plan at the firm’s 40th Anniversary celebration at the new head office on Avenue Road in Toronto.

“This decision reflects the growing affection and cooperation between Canada and Mexico in both good and challenging times,” Mr. Blyth told a gathering of well-wishers.

“Blyth Academy Mexico City has become a reality only with the outstanding support of the Mexican government,” he added.

Mexico’s Consul General in Toronto, Porfirio Thierry Muñoz-Ledo, was an honoured guest at the event and told the crowd that the Mexican Government warmly welcomes the initiative, saying: “I’m very glad Mexico can join the network of Blyth academies around the world.”

In an interview afterwards, Mr. Muñoz-Ledo noted that this is a big step—the first time a Canadian school is setting up in Mexico.

“Mexico considers that education is the foundation for development. An important part of economic integration. The Mexican government believes education is a human right,” he said.

Minister of economic growth and development shaking the Mexican Consul General's hand
Mexican Consul General standing next to Sam Blyth at 40th Anniversary party

He said that education is at the heart of the Mexican government’s priorities: to promote peace, eradicate poverty and drive sustainable development.

Blyth Academy Mexico City will allow young Mexicans to have access to an international curriculum, as taught by a Canadian institution and will be an invaluable opportunity to learn English (with a Canadian accent).

“I think this is a model of cooperation,” said Mr. Muñoz-Ledo.

Mexico has long been a favourite winter destination for citizens of the great white north, with about 3 million tourists a year. Less well-known is that 300-thousand Mexicans visit Canada annually. We are each other’s third-largest trading partner, doing more than $37 billion in business in 2015.

Mr. Muñoz-Ledo said he believes that Blyth Academy Mexico City will help build new bridges between the two nations, to the benefit of both.

In thanking Mr. Muñoz-Ledo for his support, Mr. Blyth said that Blyth Academy is committed to being an important contributor to the Mexico City community in the years to come.

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