Hello Everyone,

The first ever BAO Invitational Soccer Tournament took place on Monday, and we are proud to say that it was a success! We had just over 100 people show up, with 10 competitive teams taking part. In the end, Downsview Park took home the trophy where it now proudly sits on their mantle. We must give credit to Lawrence Park, however, as they only lost by one goal in the final game. Perhaps next year they can wrestle it away from Downsview!

The Staff team also made a noble effort, making it to the semi-final game and finishing fourth overall. Of special note, Serg ‘The Wall’ Olaru was our goaltender and really kept us in some of those games, especially toward the end when our endurance was running low.

We would like to thank everyone that helped make this tournament so enjoyable. We know each of your campuses gave up teachers and students for an entire day, which is very much appreciated. We also had tremendous referees throughout the day, so a big thank you to Kofi Amoah from Ottawa, Alex Di Giacomo and Sarah Logozzo from Mississauga, Joe Zupo from Thornhill, Nick Ebel from Lawrence Park, and anyone else who had to step in and lend a hand.

We would also like to thank Adam Hurley and the entire Downsview Park staff for opening up their doors and allowing 100 people to wander through their campus throughout the day. Your patience and assistance really made this day run smoothly.

Looking forward to the 2018 tournament!