Don’t Slow Down This Summer

Top Five Reasons to Keep Learning all Season Long

student holding school books outside

Though summer school is usually thought of as a way to pass a failed class, it is not the only reason to take part! Here are the top five reasons why students should go the extra mile this summer:

Room for improvement

We all know the post-secondary admissions process has gotten super competitive – especially in Ontario! Maybe you aced all your classes, but you’re looking to really stand out in the crowd. Sometimes bringing that mark from a 90 to a 95 is the extra edge you need to impress the admissions officials at your top school!

A Spare

Don’t think of summer school as just a way to catch up – consider it a way to get way ahead! For instance, Blyth Academy often sees students who have just finished Grade 10 taking their Grade 11 English credit over the summer. Doing so helps those students free up a spare period in the fall for an extra elective, study time, or extracurricular activities.

A Turnt Transcript

The average Ontario high school student receives their diploma with 30 credits – imagine how a transcript packed with 36 credits earned over the same timespan looks to an admissions officer! Taking summer school courses can make you look like the over-achiever you are!

Find your passion

Full course load, extracurriculars, family, and part-time jobs can all lead to students feeling overextended during the regular school year. Summer school gives students the chance to explore a subject they are interested in but might have been putting off. Giving attention to one subject can lead to exploration of new ideas, and passions. In turn, it may influence an area of study in post-secondary.

Beat the Boredom

By the time August rolls around, long days of doing nothing can start to become monotonous and boring. Instead of hanging out next to the a/c all day refreshing your feeds, why not spend part of the day working on your future? In under a month, you can complete a course in less time than it takes to binge-watch a couple of seasons of your favourite Netflix show.

Thinking About Summer School?

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