Getting Ahead in Computer Science

As the world becomes more digitalized, computer science is projected to grow faster than any other industry in the next 10 years. According to Randstad datasets, web developer is one of Canada’s Top 10 most in demand jobs in 2019.

So how do we as educators prepare high school students for high-powered jobs in the field? We expose them to software and web development, computer systems analytics, and teach them the basic languages of coding in various forms— and we do it through our online platform.

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Blyth Academy Online Teaches the Fundamentals of Computer Programming

Blyth Academy Online is an example of how computer programming is changing the way we learn and think. Through our digital platform, we offer students a robust catalogue of Grade 11 and 12 computer studies courses at their fingertips; including courses like Computer Studies ICS2O, Computer Science ICS3U & ICS4U, and exciting interdisciplinary courses like Data Literacy IDC3O, Data Science IDC4U, Artificial Intelligence IDC4U, and Blockchain Technology IDC4U.

Students have the flexibility to study online at their own pace at any time, anywhere. This dynamic approach to learning furthers knowledge and skills while providing an advantage in post-secondary education.

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Learning Computer Programming Online through Interdisciplinary Courses

Blyth Academy Online has introduced several computer-programming courses at the interdisciplinary level. Our most recent additions include the following courses:

Data Science
There is an incredible amount of information becoming available to us online, and the ability to effectively make use of that data is fast becoming one of the most important skills of the 21st century. We work with IBM’s Cognitive Class to offer a credit in Data Science. The course gives students the data literacy needed for great opportunities in Canada’s fastest growing job market.

Artificial Intelligence
Blyth Academy Online offers the first high school credit for Artificial Intelligence in Canada, making this exciting new field more accessible to students in Canada and around the world. Students learn how to use industry-level tools to train their own AI and use it to solve real-world problems.

Blockchain Technology
With the rise of blockchain technology, we are seeing new forms of digital commodities develop – such as cryptocurrency. Blyth Academy Online recently introduced a course in Blockchain Technology, which focuses on how digital information is distributed without being duplicated, and the effects it has on the way we create and communicate information.

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Computer Studies Courses Teach The Basics of Coding

Today, there are a variety of programing languages in circulation, and we curate our computer studies courses to address and teach the fundamentals of the most recognizable forms. Python is taught in AI, Data Literacy, and Blockchain, R is taught in Data Science, while JavaScript is taught in Data Science, and C+ in Computer Science. We recognize that E Sports is the fastest growing sports segment today, which is why we offer Game Maker Language (GML) in our Computer Science ICS3U course.

Blyth Academy Online’s digital learning platform is only made possible by the strides made in computer programming. We recognize the value in learning computer studies and the effects it has on the way we learn, think, and operate. Tackling computer science and programming through online courses in high school helps students narrow down their fields of interest and puts them one step ahead in post-secondary education.

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