How Do Online Courses Work in High School?


If you’re looking to take accredited online high school courses in Ontario, you’re in the right place. Online high school is a great way to take courses in the subjects you’re interested in, all designed in a way to suit a diverse range of learning styles. These online courses let you earn credits toward your high school diploma too. This article will answer some common questions people have about taking online courses, so read on if you’re an Ontario student (or parent of an Ontario student!) who wants to complete courses online.


When Do Courses Start?

The exact time a given online course will start differs depending on your chosen school’s policies. When you take courses at Blyth Academy, you’ll get set up with your course between 24 and 72 hours after registering. You’ll get a welcome email at that point telling you all the information you need to know to start your virtual high school program.

How Are Lessons Delivered to Students?

Every student has a different type of learning style. Each individual learns in different ways, and online schooling allows you to learn in a manner that suits you best. Online lessons are delivered in a variety of ways.

Courses completed online with Blyth Academy offer a range of learning possibilities, including:

  • Written notes.
  • Videos from YouTube.
  • Khan Academy.
  • Videos created by the teacher.
  • PowerPoint presentations accompanied by teacher voiceover.
  • Interactive labs and models.
  • External websites.
  • Online articles.
  • Discussion forums.

All those possibilities are accompanied by other interactive tools, including:

  • Gizmos.
  • Poodll.
  • Prezi.
  • LiveBinders.
  • And more!

The result? A learning environment that helps all kinds of students learn to the best of their abilities. Blyth Academy offers these different formats to best match the different types of learning styles, making it easier than ever to find engaging, educational coursework, no matter how you learn.

How Can Students Communicate with Teachers?

Students coming from a traditional school often wonder just how communicating with the teacher virtually will work. Fortunately, online high school makes communicating with teachers easy. The most common ways of communicating are by email or by phone. At Blyth Academy, all student and teacher communication takes place via an internal email system within the learning management system.

Students at Blyth Academy also have the option to meet their teachers via video. Students do need to first email their teacher to book an appointment, but video offers a great tool for students who like face-to-face conversation.

How Do Students Perform Their Assessments?

Of course, you’ll still perform assessments with your online course as you would in a traditional classroom setup. The specifics about how you’ll perform a given assessment depend on the course you are taking. However, online students should expect the same amount of workload as students who are taking these courses in person.

Blyth Academy online students perform assessments in a few different types of formats. This includes:

  • Quizzes.
  • Tests.
  • Discussions.
  • Assignments.

In some cases, students may also need to appear on video. This again depends on the specific courses you choose to take.

How Do Students Perform Their Final Exam?

As with most in-person learning, students taking courses online do have to perform final exams. You’ll need to complete a final exam for any Blyth Academy online course you take to receive the required credits toward your Ontario secondary school diploma. Blyth Academy final exams will be proctored. Keep in mind that students must finish and submit all coursework before they can take the final exam.

Blyth Academy offers two options for writing the final exam:

  1. Students can perform the final exam using the Integrity Advocate proctoring service. This system maintains learner privacy while integrating seamlessly into online classrooms. Integrity Advocate is designed to work on all kinds of devices, including desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices, so you’ll have no trouble completing your exams regardless of the type of device you use.
  2. Students can also choose to perform their final exams at a Blyth Academy Campus. However, this option is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.


How Can You Register Your Child For Online Courses?

Wondering how to enroll in online high school? That process is done online too. You can register for online course through Blyth Academy in a few different ways. You can either click on the “Apply Now” button on the Blyth Academy homepage, or go to the specific course page for the course you want to take and click on the “Buy Now” button there.

You can learn more by going to an online info session. Reserve my spot!


Though our physical doors remain temporarily closed, the minds of our students stay open. Summer classes are continuing to meet on their regular daily schedules, in virtual classrooms with face-to-face instruction and peer interaction.  The Blyth Academy model of small class sizes, flexible scheduling and individualized approach have enabled us to remain faithful to our standards. Our commitment to ongoing and meaningful communication between school, teachers, students and families has been critical to this effort.

Although our students have transitioned into summer mode and COVID-19 restrictions have begun to loosen, we are looking ahead to what September will hold for our campuses and families.
We want to be clear - our preference and our priority is to get students back to our campuses, but we must ensure this is done in a safe and effective way. While we await official guidance from Public Health and the Ministry of Education, a "return to school" task force has been hard at work putting concrete operational plans in place for all likely scenarios. This includes a full return to campus with safeguards, a blended model of virtual and in-campus learning and the continuation of fully virtual classrooms. All scenarios will provide robust learning and live, daily instruction and interaction with teachers and peers. 
With ten campuses across Ontario, we realize that each one of our schools is a unique space and community. We will be implementing across-the-board policies on hand washing, facility cleaning and social distancing measures. Each school is also prepared to pivot individually based on the guidance of local health authorities and to best serve students and families. 
Our recent survey showed that over 80 per cent of Blyth Academy families are eager to return to campuses, and we are hard at work to prepare for this day. As September's scenario becomes clearer and more information becomes available, we will continue to communicate. 

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