How To Get High School Credits Outside of School


What classes do I need to graduate high school? Can I finish high school online? You’re not alone if you’re asking yourself these questions. You can earn mandatory credits for high school in Ontario outside of school, and this article will explain how. This article is for people working on getting their Ontario High School Diploma.

Reasons To Consider Getting High School Credits Outside of School

Although you have various options to get Ontario high school credits outside of school, it is very important to do your research before you pursue any of the options mentioned in this article. Meeting with your school guidance counselor or registrar is a good place to start. These resources know how high school credits work and can help make sure you stay on track to meet high school requirements if you take classes beyond your school. There are multiple reasons why you might be looking to get high school credits outside of school.

To Obtain Missing Credits

Obtaining missing credits is one of the main reasons why people look into acquiring high school credits outside of school. Obtaining high school credits outside of school can help you catch up if you’re behind on your diploma or even get ahead and finish early. You can take classes to fit your schedule, allowing you to fill in any missing requirements without waiting for your school to offer the course you need. Taking courses outside of school will help you fulfill the credit requirement in order to obtain your Ontario High School Diploma.

Repeating a Course

Taking courses outside of school is also popular for students who need to repeat a course. If you’re not happy with a grade, you can retake the course and take advantage of personalized education and one-on-one teaching to ensure success. For example, if you’re unhappy with your grade for a course like a Grade 12 English university preparation course, you can take the course again via an online program to try for a better grade before applying to your chosen university program.

Boost Your Current Grades

Acquiring credits outside of school is also a popular choice for students looking to boost their current grades. If you’re looking to earn higher grades for applications to university programs or scholarships, instruction via innovative programs like virtual high school can go a long way.

You’ll find learning methods that fit your needs, improving your attitude toward learning and achieving marks that reflect your academic growth. Looking for credits outside of school is a valuable option when you want to improve your grades, and retaking a course from a valid institution like Blyth Academy will give you credits that are universally accepted and highly respected as you apply to first-choice programs.

Obtain Your Ontario Secondary Diploma Earlier

If you’re looking to finish high school online in Ontario to earn your diploma faster, you’re in good company. Virtual high school classes are a popular choice for students who want to earn their secondary diploma earlier. Students may want to earn their diploma early to start working or to apply to college or university programs. Acquiring high school credits outside of school can help you graduate earlier because you can take courses in the summer or at night to fit in with your busy schedule.


Where Can You Obtain High School Credits?

You can obtain high school credits through various methods. Each option will be described below.

Online Courses

Signing up for online courses from a legitimate institution like Blyth Academy is an ideal way to get your high school credits outside of school. Virtual high school can help with any of the reasons listed above. Taking online high school courses in Ontario comes with many benefits, such as being able to learn on your own time and having a variety of teaching methods available to you.

Summer School

Summer school is only offered after the school year. In Canada, students sign up for summer school to benefit from smaller classes and a personalized approach to prepare for a successful fall semester. Blyth Academy offers summer courses, as well — both online and on campus. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, the on-campus option is currently pending Ontario’s approval.

While many high school students take in-person summer classes to redo failed courses, taking summer courses from an online institution like Blyth Academy can be done for several reasons. For example, you can take online summer courses to repeat a course, boost a grade, or acquire missing credits.

Adult Learning Programs

As only students ages 19 years old and older can sign up for adult learning programs, these programs offer a personalized way for adult students to obtain high school credits. This is a perfect option for older students who have not yet successfully completed their high school diploma.


If you’re interested in gaining high school credits outside of school for any of the reasons mentioned here, view online high school courses offered by Blyth Academy. You can even reserve your spot for an information session to learn more. Attend an info session today.



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