Making the Most of Private Studies

One-on-one private studies are one of the most effective ways to see results in a student’s academic year. Students looking for flexible schedules or a credit in advance of next year, as well as those wanting a deeper understanding of course material, can all find their place in a private course setting.

Time Well Spent in the Classroom

Here in Ontario, students are mandated to fulfill 110 hours of study to complete, not only a private course, but also all courses in a standard high school setting. At Blyth Academy, we aim to make the most out of the time spent in our classrooms. Our bricks and mortar model is based on small class sizes to allow teachers to provide students with unmediated learning. But for some students, more personalized lessons are essential to succeed academically and achieve their post-secondary goals.

student in private course with teacher at Blyth Academy Waterloo
student in private course with teacher at Blyth Academy Waterloo

Integrated Private Courses Combine Convenience and Care

In a private course setting, teachers have the capability to learn students’ individualized needs and teach towards their strengths, but at times, schedules, extracurricular activities or academic time constraints can impede on the hours needed to complete traditional private studies.

This month, we introduced Integrated Private Courses, which give students an alternative approach to private lessons that combines face-to-face learning with an online component. This dynamic approach allows students to earn high school credits with only 45 hours of regular one-on-one instruction, with a private teacher, at any of our 15 Ontario campuses. The remainder of the course is completed through the Blyth Academy Online digital academic platform. By leveraging our online campus, students can work at their own pace and create their own academic schedules— study anywhere, any time outside of their one-on-one hours. Credits can be completed at a faster rate than regular private courses, and in less time than in a traditional school setting.

student in private course with teacher at Blyth Academy Yorkville
student working on laptop on the beach

Embracing Student-Led Schedules

The flexibility that comes with Integrated Private Courses makes them appealing to modern homeschoolers. Students work at their own pace at home while lessons, tutorials, questions about course material or help with assignments are all addressed with a private teacher during days and times best suited to the student. This approach generally gives students a deeper understanding of course material, improved test preparation and grades, as well as more effective student-teacher relationships.

student in private course with teacher at Blyth Academy Burlington
student in private course with teacher at Blyth Academy Burlington

Integrated Private Courses are recognized as standard Ontario high school credits from Blyth Academy as opposed Blyth Academy Online. This ensures seamless course consistency on all student transcripts.

We believe our newest approach to private education will inspire more students to advance in their academics and reach their fullest potential.

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