Is Private Education Right for Your Child?

Private school is too expensive. Private school is for elites. All private schools are the same.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to private education and with the provincial government’s announcement to make significant changes to the Ontario education system, parents are starting to weigh their options — and private school just might be one of them.

Private education isn’t just for the elite, it can appeal to a diverse group of students. We’ve put together a list of benefits to help answer the question: is private school right for my child?

Smaller class sizes

One of the major benefits of private education is the opportunity for smaller class sizes. At Blyth Academy, we uphold an average class size of eight students to help open up the classroom for one-on-one learning, round table discussions, and the chance to stand out.

Personalized learning

In a traditional high school classroom of 25 students or more, it’s easy to hide behind your peers. Based on our model, no student goes unnoticed. Smaller classes allow teachers get to know each individual including their learning style and interests of study so they can develop a personalized academic plan. Those who need to improve in certain areas can receive the attention they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

Enticing electives

When student and staff feel like they are a part of a community of shared interests and goals, the lines of communication are wide open and it’s easy to gauge the pulse of the student body and the subjects they are most interested in. At Blyth Academy, our students choose the electives they want to take, to encourage them to fully engage in the course material.

Learning with Guidance

A higher GPA is something that private schools work hard to provide, however, higher grades does not guarantee success in postsecondary school. Our teaching and guidance staff ensures that every student is accountable for his or her academic progress. By working one-on-one with guidance counsellors, they can forge a path to success through hard work and responsibility — skills that will help them during postsecondary.

Flexible schedules

Private schools have the ability to take a different approach to the academic school year. At Blyth Academy, students Grades 9 to 12 follow a two-semester, four-term schedule, with only two subjects per term. Though unconventional, this dynamic restructuring of the traditional school year allows students to concentrate on two subjects at a time to encourage a deeper understanding of course material and exploration of interests of study.


Though private education does require tuition fees, they vary across all schools. Blyth Academy is committed to offering affordable tuition so that more students can access our school’s many benefits. We make a conscious effort to stay below the average cost for private education in Ontario.

Whether you are considering private education for your child or you are curious as to what a day in the life for our students entails, we encourage you to book a campus visit at one of our 12 locations across Ontario.

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