London Students Shave Their Heads to Fight Cancer

This fall it was discovered that one of our Infinity School students had developed metastatic acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). She had received treatment when the ALL was first diagnosed two years ago, with this disease metastasizing to her eye just after her seventh birthday this summer. She has been an important part of our newly started school, and we all care deeply for her. Even as the treatment for her current situation progressed, she had been coming to school with a smile on her face between radiation treatments.

This student lost all of her hair during her treatment process. Our other students shared with me that they were concerned that she would be feeling sad about having to be bald. They decided to shave their heads so she would not feel alone, and this started the ball rolling for our Head Shave event for Children with Cancer. We are going to shave our heads for her and raise money for SickKids Foundation (where she is now) and the Children’s Health Foundation (where she has been treated in the past) in the process. I’ve even agreed to shave my head, too, if over $10,000 is raised!

We are thrilled that the students from Blyth Academy London, including some of the London Knights players, along with Royce White of the London Lightning basketball team have joined our efforts! They are supporting us both by hosting fundraising events and even shaving their heads with us.

You can keep track of these events by following Infinity School’s Facebook page.

Please read this post that has pictures of the Blyth Academy and Infinity School students, as well as the links to the specific donations pages where we can keep track of how much has been raised, and the time & location of when we’re shaving our heads:

And here’s the link to the segment CTV London did on all of us:

Thank you so much for joining our efforts to help children with cancer.


Andrea Loewen Nair

Andrea Loewen Nair, M.A., CCC

Head of School – Infinity School

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