New Co-Op Program at Blyth Academy Yorkville

I am the Cooperative Education Coordinator at Blyth Academy Yorkville. Cooperative Education is the fastest growing area of Secondary School Education. It combines classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. Two High School credits are awarded to students upon their successful demonstration of learning expectations from the in-school curriculum, as well as a successful Workplace Placement.

In order to achieve success in the workplace, students will be supported in their learning by me, the Guidance Department, as well as a Workplace Supervisor, throughout the duration of the Co-op experience. At Blyth Academy Yorkville, Cooperative Education is offered from April 30, 2018 – June 22, 2018. Students will work between five and seven hours per day, for approximately five, full days per week. I have students who are interested in working in the following fields:
• Athletics
• Music & Film Production
• Construction & the Trades
• Real-estate
• Not-for-Profit & For-Profit Organizations

You may be asking yourself, “What are the benefits to me and my corporation?” There are many benefits to having a Co-op student volunteer for your corporation, including:
• The knowledge that you are giving back to the community while building the workforce of Ontario
• Providing students with work experience
• Tax incentive:
• For more information:

All students are responsible & very keen to start working. Would you be interested in having a Cooperative Education student volunteer with you and your organization?

– Virginia Willems-Rossman
Cooperative Education Coordinator