Blyth Academy Art Teacher Featured on SCAD Art Sales

Blyth Academy London is pleased to share that our Art teacher Awadh Baryoum, has had some of his drawings featured on SCAD Art Sales.

Awadh said this about his work:

“They are part of my new series in which I continue to work with the intention of depicting things that can be concurrently recognizable and unrecognizable while pursuing traditional approaches that maintain the representational aspects of drawing and painting. My process is a deliberate attempt to create imaginative pictorial illusion in which the imagery seems to resemble arbitrary biomorphic shapes and natural formations, and ambiguously relates to living organisms and geological structures suggesting growth and equilibrium. The imagery in my work, as well, delivers nonlinear narratives of multiple and mutable meanings through which the viewers may find themselves engaged and invited to generate their own interpretations and develop their own stories.”

Congratulations Awadh! To view his work please visit: